**Please note: As of July 1, 2014 the CSIIT Department reorganized and has split into different departments. See the faculty members listed below for advising or assistance:

Computer Applications: Linda Fontaine (MS Office classes only) (Linda.Fontaine@montgomerycollege.edu)
Computer Science: Dr. Alla Webb (Alla.Webb@montgomerycollege.edu)
Gaming: Deborah Solomon (Deborah.Solomon@montgomerycollege.edu)
Web Classes: Melissa Lizmi (Melissa.Lizmi@montgomerycollege.edu)

If you cannot reach one of the above-mentioned people, contact one of the following MC Rockville Departments for assistance:

CA Windows & Office Courses/IT & Database Degrees and Certificates—Business Department
Bill Johnstone, Chairperson 240.567.5146 Jenna McKay, Administrative Aide 240.567.5137

Web/Gaming Degrees and Certificates—Communication Arts Technology
Ed Riggs, Chairperson 240.567.7529 Michelle Brink, Administrative Aide 240.567.7535

Computer Science Degrees and Certificates—Engineering Department
Dr. Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Chairperson 240.567.5228 Bonita Bennett, Admin. Aide 240.567.5230