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You have probably noticed the course name/number changes in all MC classes. ALL MC programs have now changed to 4 letter subject codes. Don't worry if you took a class when it had an older code or different number, it still counts towards your degree! (But if you took it more than 4 years ago, check with an advisor).

Here are some new subject codes:

Some course numbers have also changed:

  • CG 210 is now GDES 140
  • CG 222 is now GDES 240
  • CG 226 is now GDES 242
  • CA 195 is now CMAP 290
  • CS 261 is now CMSC 234, and we have additional new mobile programming classes (CMSC 237, CMSC 240)
  • Other numbers may have also changed, so read the course descriptions for notes on old names and numbers.

Yes, it is confusing! But we can help you figure it out. The college is in the middle of transitioning to the new names/numbers, so the information may not be fully updated across the MC catalog and website yet. Bear with us!

There are also changes afoot for many of our departments. MC has undergone a full academic reorganization to improve our programs. Starting in July,

  • Web and Gaming (CMAP) programs are moving to the Media Arts & Technologies department (ground floor of the TC building). Stay tuned for more updates on these programs in 2015, as our subject code may change yet again!
  • Computer Science (CMSC) is moving to the Engineering department.
  • Microsoft Office (CMAP) classes are moving to the Business department.

If you have questions, please email an adviser. Gaming students can contact Prof. Solomon. Web students can contact Prof. Lizmi and Prof. Hubley. Animation and Graphic Design students can contact Prof. Hubley. Programming students can contact Prof. Webb.


Watch the movie on youtube: movie about MC's Game & Simulation Program & our partnership with NOAA
Congratulations to MC Producer Dan Rankin for winning a local Emmy Award for this production!


Get class credit towards your degree (internship classes CA269 & CS269). For more infomation: Internship Website

GRADUATING? File your graduation form!

Many grads don't realize that to officially graduate from MC, you need to file a graduation form. This "proves" later on that you graduated from MC. Remember that ten years from now, the classes in many MC programs may have changed, especially fast-moving tech programs. F File your grad form now so there is no confusion later on.
For more information: "Academic Planning Guide" & "Apply for Graduation Form" (PDF). Also visit the "Apply for Graduation" link in MyMC.

TRANSFERING? Plan ahead to take the classes you need!

Talk to a counselor about our articulation (transfer) agreements with UB, UMUC, and other local universities. Read more about transferring.


Play some of our games at NOAA's Planet Arcade: - Congratulations to all the MC gaming students who worked on these games! Featured games include:

Play WaterLife - new NOAA game

Upcoming projects include mobile games. Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon and Prof. Alla Webb for more information about our projects and the mobile game programming classes.

Maryland—The East Coast Hub of the Gaming Industry

MD game and sim companiesMaryland has been called the East Coast hub of the gaming industry. According to Maryland Interactive Technologies, "Already Maryland boasts the largest cluster of entertainment software companies on the East Coast."  In addition, an industry survey by Game Developer Magazine recently found that Maryland is the number one East Coast state for game developers

See the map -- the orange circles are local MD game and simulation companies and organizations. (Map was created by MD Board of Economic Development -- click the map for the full PDF list)

Map of MD Game and Simulation Companies (click to enlarge)

Read more about Gaming & Simulation in MD

Read more about the Gaming & Simulation Industry


What's New


- Mobile Game Programming: Create games on cellphones and other mobile devices with three new mobile programming classes! Contact Prof. Alla Webb.

- Exergaming & Health Games:
Take CMAP 190 and Health 100 together and learn about health applications of gaming technology! Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

- Unity 3D: learn Unity in CMAP 190 and CMAP 290! Download the software for free at Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

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