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Learn About the Art of Developing your Educational Planning


Your Educational Plan is your roadmap or guide through your academic program/major or educational pursuits. It serves a similar purpose as a real roadmap which provides you directions to your desired destination or plans an engineer would use to construct a building. In this case your destination or goal may be graduation, transfer, personal enrichment, etc. Educational Plans are sometimes student developed, with the help of a Counselor, or already created by your institution based on your degree and major. Typically Educational Plans include your: academic semesters, courses, grades, major, minor, degree, etc.

If you are deciding your major, DON'T WORRY!  You should look at the General Studies program and/or check out the majors you are interested in. If you are interested in a couple of different majors, see what requirements/courses overlap between both programs so you don't lose time and money, just get started. You also might want to visit the Career Transfer Center to use their various resources such as career interest inventories, books, and computer resources.

Before beginning, make a copy of the
Educational Planning Template

and take a look at:
Educational Planning Example


Unfortunately, the downside of planning is that everything doesn't go as planned! Therefore, you should come up with alternate plans in the event that:

  • You change your major.
  • Your curriculum changes.
  • You transfer or need to transfer sooner than expected.
  • You have to work more hours and take less credits.
  • You study abroad.
  • You don’t pass a course or withdraw from a course.
  • You are placed on Academic Restriction or Academic Suspension.
  • A class isn’t offered when you expected it do be.
  • You need to withdraw from your classes for a semester.


A variety of other things may come up as well that aren’t listed above, but be sure to continuously develop and revisit your educational plan. It will never be perfect! Don’t forget, if you make some changes to your Educational Plan please consult your Counselor to make sure you are still on the right track!

Creating an Educational Plan



Additional Resources

Online Educational Planning Workshop


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