FAST TRACK Prealgebra and Algebra Review
Do you think a FAST TRACK review might put you in a different course?

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This course is a 20 hour intensive review of prealgebra and elementary algebra. Students who have already taken the Accuplacer Placement test and tested into MA094 may be interested in the BASIC FAST TRACK review course, provided they meet the criteria below. Successful students may be placed in MA 097 or MA 099. 

Who is FAST TRACK for?

         Students who have taken the Accuplacer Placement test and placed into MA094.

         Students who have passed at least one year of high school algebra with a grade of A or B.

         Students who have done well in math and need a review of basic concepts.

         Students who would like a fast paced, intensive review of prealgebra and elementary algebra.

This course is NOT intended for students who have struggled with math and need longer instructional time to master basic prealgebra and algebra skills.

When is the next FAST TRACK course?

Fast Track (WPS041)


Click here for Summer 2014 Fast Track Course Information Flyer (Look under Basic Fast Track WPS041)



  • To prepare qualified students to potentially place into a higher level math course.
  • Students who originally placed into MA 094 may place into MA 097 or MA 099.

How much does FAST TRACK cost?

  • Course $120, workbook $42.  Workbook must be purchased at the Rockville campus college bookstore or prior to the start of class. Price subject to change.




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