Volume 4



The Montgomery College Student Journal of Science & Mathematics actively encourages and supports student scholarship, original thinking, and research on topics in biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, geosciences and mathematics.
For students and by students is the preeminent guiding principle of the Journal. Published papers represent the best scholarly works by Montgomery College students. Focused on preparing students for further studies beyond the associate’s degree, the Journal provides an invaluable outlet for student learning and engagement beyond the classroom that further develops critical thinking, analytical, applied science, and writing skills.


Advisory Board
  Judy Ackerman Sanjay Rai
  Barbara Hoberman Mohammad Kehnemouyi
Management Board
  Zineddine Boudhraa (Editor-In-Chief)
  Miriam Carter Marla Méndez-Silvagnoli
Associate Editors
  Rashidul Alam, Biology Department
  Gina Wesley, Biology Department
  Virginia Miller, Chemistry Department
  Sripriya Seetharaman, Chemistry Department
  Franklin Gavilanez, Mathematics Department
  Uche Abanulo, Physics, Engineering and Geosciences Department
Production and Distribution Unit
  Math/Science Center, Rockville Campus



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