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Dr. Francine Jamin, Director
Montgomery College
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Jefferson Caféâ  Project

The Jefferson Caféâ is both an event and a concept. It's a grassroots discussion circle, focusing on topics in American life and the role of the United States in the global community.  While the pre-registered participants agree to do a brief pre-Café reading, the Café is not a book club; nor is there a lecture or presentation. Instead, each Café is a locus for a conversations about ideas. The discussion format is Socratic, based on asking and exploring questions rather than finding definitive answers or reaching consensus.

The Café is named after Thomas Jefferson because he was one of our most intellectual presidents, and a man who found delight in stimulating conversation, and his own life raises many interesting and provoking questions. Additionally, Thomas Jefferson is far enough back in time to evoke no particular partisan identification or affiliation.

Since the first Jefferson Caféâ discussion was held in May 2004 on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, the monthly gatherings have filled quickly and have usually had a waiting list.  In July 2004, we had the same result when we began holding Cafés at sites around the county.

Click here for more information about the Jefferson Caféâ program and see This Month's Calendar for the Cafés currently scheduled.