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Sample of Job Titles and Salary Ranges

Sample of Job Titles and Salary Ranges

Assistant Teacher, $16,000-18,000:  this level of position is available to students while they are in the program, so they do not require a degree. 

Senior Staff/Teacher, $16,948-26,208:  this position requires ED 120 and 121, plus one year's experience.

Instructional Assistants, $?:  this is a specific position in Montgomery County Public Schools. The employee must have 30 credits. But most Instructional Assistants, [I have been told that 70% of them],  have bachelor's degrees.

Child Care Center Director, $25,059-$44,179: this position requires a minimum of an AAS degree.

Director of Multisite Child Care Centers, $33,530-57,242: this position requires graduate level work. 


Possible Employers

  • Montgomery County Public Schools (Instructional Assistants)
  • NAEYC-accredited child care centers, such as Montgomery College's Child Care Centers on all three campuses
  • Private child care centers, nursery schools, and early childhood programs
  • Family child care homes
  • Resource and referral information available from Children's Resource Center, 332 W. Edmonston Dr., Rockville, MD 20852

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