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Sample of Job Titles and Salary Ranges

Mental Health Practitioner working as a team member in areas such as counseling, gerontology, group therapy, social rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation, and behavior modification.  The populations worked with may be preschool children, troubled adolescents, substance abusers and senior citizens.  The starting salary is between $19,000 and $20,000 per year.  

The salary range for the positions below is from $25,000 to $75,000. Two of our graduate are also currently working at Montgomery College. One student received her Master of Arts degree and is currently a Counselor in the Takoma Park Counseling Center. The other is on the faculty at Takoma Park teaching in the language Department (Spanish) and the Mental Health department. 


Possible Employers

Welcome to the job information site of our Web page. Remember that most students in the program continue their education to earn Bachelors and Masters Degrees. However, earning the Associate of Applied Science in Mental Health allows students to pursue their education while working in the field. The jobs listed below are meant to give you an idea of what our students are doing in these areas.

Many students choose to work with young children or adolescents and find employment in a variety of settings such as:

  • Regional Institute for Children and Adolescent's

Here is a chance to work on a unit of 10 to 15 youngsters as a Mental Health Associate. You have close contact with the residents and work closely as part of a mental health team. These severely upset youngsters appreciate your help and understanding. One of our gradates has advanced to become a volunteer coordinator and Unit Director.

Our graduates have been employed in this outstanding facility for youngsters. They work as recreational counselors or residence counselors. One of our graduates is the Director of Counseling at this facility.

How would you like to be a counselor in one of their group homes for adolescents? These teens need role models and caring help to change their lives around. Some of our graduates have worked at this facility. The hours are flexible to enable students to continue there education.

A number of our graduates choose to work with the chronically-mentally ill, either in day treatment or residential life. Some opportunities exist in the following facilities:

People with chronic mental health issues need support and counseling to live as independent as possible. Various programs for independent living are provided by Mental Health counselors. One of the key leaders of this facility is a graduate of our program.

This facility for chronically mentally ill patients provides life skills, vocational, and mental health counseling. Those who work in one of these faculities can be part of a team approach to working with the mentally ill.

Mental Health counselors work to help patients in a variety of living settings. Work is rewarding and one can have contact with individuals who need your help. The volunteer Coordinator of Rock Creek is a recreational therapist who graduated from our program. Another area is working with the elderly. Gerontology is a field that is growing. Our students work in various nursing homes primarily in the area of recreational therapy. Many of our students who continue with their education become social workers in these home. Working in activities with the elderly in day treatment programs is also possible.

  • The Support Center in Montgomery County is an excellent place for seniors to be active and involved during the day. One of our graduates started there in her practicum class then took a position there as a counselor. Today, she is the Director of the facility.
  • Here are some of the jobs other students, have obtained:

1. Montgomery County Hotline Counselor
2. Montgomery County Crisis Center Director; Montgomery County Director
3. Reality Incorporated, Drug Treatment Program Director
4. Homeless Shelter, Counselor;
5. Jewish Family Services Counselor;
6. Andromedia Latino Oriented Counseling Center;
7. Employee Assistant Provider; University of Maryland.
8. Visiting Teacher; Special Education Montgomery County.

Please call Dr. Marcantonio at 240-567-1394 about other positions in Mental Health.


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