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Sample of Job Titles and Salary Ranges

Graphic designers are employed in four general areas that roughly correspond to the medium using the work produced by the designer.

  1. Print the largest and most varied area, includes advertising for print media, business and corporate graphics, newspaper and magazine publishing, general printed material such as booklets, brochures, catalogs, manuals, etc., outdoor and signage.
  2. Multimedia/film/TV graphic design for commercials, titles, business presentations and related non-print uses.
  3. Web-related design of web sites, Internet advertising and promotional material.
  4. Illustration creation of illustrations to be used in any of the other three areas employing both traditional drawing/painting and digital media.


bullet Art Director 
bullet Graphic Designer
bullet Production Manager
bullet Web Designer
  • Broadcast Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Digital Artist


Montgomery College provides training for employment in two of the three areas required for an entry level position leading to career in graphic design. The three requirements are:

  1. Training in the principles of effective design, basic principles of communication and advertising that provide the skills needed to produce attractive and creative solutions to graphic problems.
  2. Training in the technology needed to transform the design concept into a printed piece, web site, TV commercial or film project. This training is software-intensive and is available at Montgomery College in a wide variety of selections.
  3. The third requirement is on-the-job experience. The Advertising Design program works with professional to update their skills and internships and co-op programs but "years of work experience" is a key factor in advancement.


Possible Employers




You may visit the web sites of any potential employer. In addition there are several employment agencies specializing in graphic design positions. These companies can provide detailed information on the availability of specific jobs, skill and experience required and salary ranges.


Sources of Additional Information


Career opportunities and other information are available from the national and local professional organizations.


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