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Illustrators require formal art and technical training which is offered by Montgomery College.  The work of the illustrator is related to that of the designer but performed under very different conditions.   Virtually all illustrators are self-employed and work at home. Through e-mail, electronic transfer and FedEx they may work with clients across the country. Illustrators work in both traditional and digital mediums.  The beginning illustrator will probably spend several years in related jobs while building a client list.  Developing skills in rendering, storytelling, software training and self-promotion are lifelong requirements.


Possible Employers


You may visit the web sites of any potential employer. In addition there are several employment agencies specializing in graphic design positions. These companies can provide detailed information on the availability of specific jobs, skill and experience required and salary ranges.

Boss Temps at
Aquent Partners at
Hire Knowledge at
The Creative Circus at
Advantage Human Resources at

Sources of Additional Information


Career opportunities and other information are available from the national and local professional organizations.

American Institute of Graphic Arts at
Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington at
Graphic Arts Guild at
Illustrators Club of Washington at


CMYK Magazine at
Communications Arts Magazine at
PRINT Magazine at
Step by Step Graphics at
HOW Magazine at

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