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Department of Chemistry, Rockville Campus

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Rockville Campus!

The Department of Chemistry at Rockville Campus offers a number of different Chemistry courses to meet your various requirements. If you only need a basic science course, with or without the laboratory, look into our Chemistry and Society course. If you have not had Chemistry before, or had it a long time ago, you might want to consider taking Introduction to Chemistry before moving on to the General Chemistry courses.  Depending on the engineering field you intend to major in, you may want to consider the accelerated General Chemistry for Engineers class, CH135.  For those people needing additional chemistry, we also offer two semesters of Organic Chemistry.

Comments or questions about Chemistry can be directed to the Administrative Aid, Ms. Anne Fernando at 240-567-5129, or the Department Chair, Dr. Laura Anna, at Laura.Anna@montgomerycollege.edu.  Questions concerning CH135 may also be directed to Professor Abner Mintz at Abner.Mintz@montgomerycollege.edu.


CH101 Prerequisite Change

 An important announcement for all students interested in taking CH101:  The prerequisites for taking CH101 have been changed (effective starting Summer Session I, 2012).  To register for CH101 you must have the following prerequisites. PREREQUSIITE: Either appropriate score on the chemistry placement test, or a grade of C or better in CH099A within the past two years, or consent of the department.  PRE-or-COREQUISITE: MA097 or appropriate score on the mathematics placement test.  Assessment levels: EN101/102, RD120.

NOTE: a grade of C or better in a high school chemistry course within the last five years will no longer count as a prerequisite for taking CH101.

The chemistry placement test is available on a walk-in basis at all 3 campus assessment centers.  It is recommended that you take the chemistry placement test at the assessment center at least a week before you plan to register for CH101.  The chemistry placement test is on material that you should already know from high school chemistry.  Bring a scientific non-graphing calculator when you go to take the placement test.  The placement exam will not be given during mid-term and finals week.

Note: you may only attempt the chemistry placement exam once.

If you have any questions on this requirement, please email the chemistry department chair on your campus or contact your guidance counselor.

To take a chemistry course via a pre-requisite override or Department permission you must have:

  1. Completed the course(s) listed in the current MC catalog within the required time period and/or earned the required grade(s).
  2. Documentation, e.g., unofficial transcript, verifying you have met the pre-requisites in item 1.

You may bring the documentation to CB215 for review by Counseling faculty, or bring it or drop it off to the Chemistry Department for review. You may also fax the documentation to the department chair's attention at 240-567-7623. If you drop off or fax your documents, please include a note with your name, MC ID#, and email address, and allow one to two days for review. If you wish to speak to Dr. Anna about your request, please do so during her normal office hours, or by appointment.


Chemistry Course Renumbering

Starting in the Fall 2014 semester, the following courses will be renumbered:    

 CH101 to CHEM 131 (Principles of Chemistry I)

CH102 to CHEM 132 (Principles of Chemistry II)

CH120 to CHEM 150 (Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry)