Problems soon arose with the introduction of women into the Ku Klux Klan. It contradicted the theory of prominent masculinity in the K.K.K. In response to this problem, the WKKK was created, a separate organization for women. In the WKKK, women could be enlisted in the Klan's efforts without directly confronting men in the organization. Even with the seperate organization, men in the KKK argued that a woman best functioned as helpmates of men. Their political role was seperate but subordinate to men. With the rise of women's movements, women stated even with their seperate organization they were not equal to men. The Klan always fought with the issue of the WKKK being a seperate organization or a branch of the KKK. The KKK ended up resolving this issue by creating an organizational committee for women within the KKK. This to lead to a fear for men that women were overstepping their bounds at times within the KKK. Because of such problems, historians oftened wondered if the women in the Ku Klux Klan organization was just a way for them to voice their pleas for the Women's Rights Movement of that time? As minimal research on the history of The Women's Rights Movements will tell you, the movement was started in the late 1800s. A woman's suffrage amendment was reintroduced every year to Congress until they finally approved it in 1919, allowing women to vote. The time when women first nationally received the right to vote was during the height of the Women's Rights movement of the 1920s. The Women's Rights Movement soon died down until the 1960s. However, during the strongest time for the Women's Rights Movement of the 20s, was the same time the Women of the KKK formed their organization. In one of the works by the Women of the KKK, cited as The Mission of Women, they state, in big, bold letters, "IT STANDS ABSOLUTLEY FOR THE PROTECTION OF PURE AMERICAN WOMANHOOD", and "It is an association of REAL WOMEN..." Going through a time with such great emotion for women and their rights, this is most likely how they were able to call attention to their feelings on feminism.

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