Hippy Lingo
Acid: see LSD
Ban the Bomb: Slogan used in protest of nuclear weapons.
Ban the Bra: Women's liberation movement slogan.
Bean Bag: Comfy, cushy, blobby chair filled with little styrofoam balls, that when sat in shapes to fit your body.
Bellbottoms: Big, wide, bell shaped legged pants worn by many a hippy. Originally a cheap clothing alternative bought from Navy disposal stores which soon became incredibly popular.
Bennies: Benezedine, a diet pill abused as a mood elevator.
Birkenstocks: Sandals shaped to your foot and toes, which in the 70's were all the rage.
Blotter: A form of LSD, divided into small doses on a sheet of paper.
Blow Your Mind: Mind expanding surprise
Bong: Used to smoke marijuana.
Bread: Money
Bro: Friendly term of reference to male friends.
Buds: Cannabis flowers
Bummer: Unfavourable circumstance or thing.
Crash Pad: Rent free place hippys could sleep, do drugs, have sex or just hang out.
Dashiki: Long sleeved, V-necked African shirt.
Dharma: The ultimate truth of all things.
Dig: To understand... "Do you dig it?"
Downers: Drugs used as depressents.
Far Out: Expression of excitement or happiness or a form of expressing thanks.
Flower Power: Hippy movement promoting peace and love.
Freak: Used in both "To Freak" and "To Freak Out". To freak was usually a negative reaction of fear or upset, to freak out meant to get excited or go wild over something.
Freak Flag: Long hair
Freaks: Cool people who are liked for their individuality and natural weirdness, who don't do things because they are hip, but just because that is who they are and want to do.
Funky: Word used to describe clothing that didn't go together, but somehow managed to look really good on its wearer.
Fuzz: Police
Give Peace a Chance: Song sung by John Lennon, also used as a slogan for banners by protesters.
Go With The Flow: Living in the moment, not struggling against life. A taoist philosophy.
Groovy: Really good or pleasing.
Hash: Marijuana
Head Trip: Messing with someones mind.
If It Feels Good Do It: Explore life, don't be inhibited by it.
Incense: Lovely, burny, smelly stuff.
Junkie: Heroin addict
Karma: Indian term meaning, as you act so shall you reap. Good attracts good, bad attracts bad.
Lid: A bag of grass, usually round about one ounce.
Love Beads: Usually given as an act of friendship. They are beads put together in various patterns, usually by the giver.
LSD: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a strong, hallucinagenic drug.
Make Love Not War: Slogan used by protesters against the Vietnam War.
Mellow: Used to describe the feeling of a marijuana high, or something pleasant.
Mellow Out: Chill out and calm down.
Outtasight: Fantastic
Pep Pills: see Bennies
Pigs: Police
Psilocybin: Mushroom based hallucinogen.
Psychedelic: A hallucinatory experience brought on by the use of drugs like LSD.
Pot: Marijuana
Rap: Friendly discussion.
Right On: To strongly agree.
Spaced Out: Feeling out of body or not here.
STP: A very potent hallucinogenic.
Tao: Hippys adopted this Oriental philosophy of "The Way".
Toke: To smoke or a hit of marijuana.
Trip Out: To get spaced out or really stoned.
Trippy: Something way out or psychedelic.
Uppers: see Bennies
Weed: Marijuana