The Roaring Twenties Presents:
                                           or: Monica the copycat.
President Bill Clinton's affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky quickly became the focus of attention when it became publicly known. It may be argued that the media attention and press coverage blew this affair way out of proportion, but the consequences of absolute misbehaviour by the president of the United States, a role model to many, should not be underestimated. 

Many people today are unaware of the fact that President Clinton's encounter with Monica Lewinsky was not a first, but merely a repetition of history.

During U.S. president Warren G. Harding's term in the Oval Office a similar situation had taken place. The Monica Lewinsky back then was  NANA BRITTON.

Nan Britton, the reincarnation of Monica Lewinsky?
Bill Clinton, the reincarnation of President Harding?

In 1927, Nan Britton published a book which would later become a best-seller. Her book titled "The Presidents Daughter" gave a detailed account of a six year long sexual affair Nan Britton had had with President Harding. Nana Britton was born in Ohio. She explains that her fascination with President Harding dated back to the time she was a freshmen in High school. 
When the affair began, Nana Britton was 20 and Harding was in his fifties. Britton eventually gave birth to a daughter in 1919 - Harding took up his responsibility as the father and began to pay child support. 

Nana Britton
Nan Britton repotedly lost her virginity to the ambitious republican politician Warren Harding when she was only twenty years old.
When Harding moved to Washington to take is seat in the senate, Britton soon followed and the affair continued. Before Harding ran for the Presidency, Britton  gave birth to a baby girl. Nana Britton claimed that Harding was the father. 

After Harding won the presidential election in a landslide victory, the affair continued in the White House with the help of Secret Service agents. Hardings wife however got suspicious and made arrangements to send Britton off to Europe, away from Warren Harding. 

In 1923, scandals were breaking out all around Warren Harding. The president fled the tense athmosphere of Washington on a trip to the West. Without warning, he died in his hotel room in San Fransisco. The official  cause of death was a stroke. However, some believed that his wife poisened him. 

After the presidents death, the Harding family refused to have anything to do with Nan Britton. As a result, she published the book "The Presidents Daughter" which was soon to become a best seller.

 During President Hardings affair with Britton, 
Hardings wife Florence remained by his side, 
even though she must have known about his 
inappropriate behavior. Interestingly enough this could 
be seen as a parallel to Hillary Clinton - Mrs. Clinton too 
chose the road of forgiving her husband. 
Both Mrs. Clinton and Florence Harding gave excuses 
and chose to remain by their husbands sides
  Florence Harding

Warren Harding
The affair between Haring and Britton 

became publicly known when both were almost 

literally caught in the act. Nan Britton wasn't Harding's

only affair to become known publically:

He had also been romantically involved with Carrie 

Phillips. To 'get rid' of Philips, Harding supported

her financially and sent her off on a round-the-world

trip with her husband.


President Harding and his 

wife Florence. It is oftentimes 

suggested that their 

relationship was one more of 

power and influence than of 




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