Kate Kinsella
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Keynote Address: Strategies to Prepare Second Language Students for the Vocabulary Demands of Challenging Curricula

Kate Kinsella, Ed.D., Teacher Educator and School Consultant
San Francisco State University, Department of Secondary Education

Kate Kinsella

Dr. Kinsella presented strategies for narrowing the achievement gap for less proficient readers and protracted English language learners.

Selected handouts from the address (*PDF):

Cover Page

Papers Submitted by Under-Prepared Secondary Students

Common Academic Writing Tasks

Expository Paragraph Structure Signal Words and Phrases

Scoring Guide/Rubric: Evaluation Paragraph

Front-Loading Instruction: Keys to Comprehending Challenging Curricula

Dictionaries: They are not created equallly!

Four Dimensions of a Comprehensive Vocabulary Program

Building an Effective School-Wide Vocabulary Development Program to Narrow the Language Divide: Essential Pedagogical Components

Characterisitics of Effective Academic Vocabulary Instruction in Mixed-Ability 4-12 Classrooms

Classroom Observation Tool: Effective Vocabulary Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Sheet

An Instructional Sequence for Pre-Teaching New Words to Prepare Students for a Reading Selection


A teacher educator in the Department of Secondary Education at San Francisco State University, Dr. Kinsella maintains secondary classroom involvement by teaching an academic literacy class for high school bilingual youths through the University’s Step to College program. She is the co-editor of the CATESOL Journal (CA Teachers of ESL) and serves on the editorial board of the International TESOL Journal and The California Reader. She was awarded the prestigious Marcus Foster Memorial Reading Award for 2002 by the California Reading Association for her contributions to K-12 literacy development. She is the lead program consultant for Reading in the Content Areas: Strategies for Reading Success, published by Pearson Learning Group and co-author of the Teaching Guidebook for Universal Access published by Prentice Hall. Dr. Kinsella provides training and consultancy nationally to K-12 colleagues striving with integrity to teach more effectively in linguistically diverse, mixed-ability classrooms.
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