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Chemistry: Non-Major and Preparatory Courses

The Physical Sciences Department at Takoma Park/Silver Spring offers the following courses for non-majors and students who are preparing to take college chemistry courses.

Courses Offered:

CH 099A Introductory Chemistry

Introduction to basic concepts of chemistry, including fundamental chemical mathematics, metric system, matter, energy, basic chemical and physical properties, law of conservation of mass-energy, foundations of atomic theories, elements, compounds,formulas, stoichiometry, and other topics. This course should be taken by students who need to take a college level chemistry course but have never had chemistry before or have taken chemistry over 5 years ago.

CH 099B Introductory Chemistry Lab

A laboratory course that provides practical skills and techniques such as weighing, using units of metric system, and performing experiments that illustrate and reinforce the concepts taught in CH 099A. Students who are taking CH 099A can take this course in the same semester that they take CH 099A or any semester thereafter.

CH 109A Chemistry and Society

A chemistry course designed for non-science majors. Alone the course can be used as a three credit natural science non-laboratory distribution course (NSND). If combined with CH 109B, both courses count as a four-credit natural science laboratory distribution course (NSLD).

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