Aberra Gebereyes
3142 17th Street NW
Washington DC, 20010

(240) 505-1984

Email ab3@umbc.edu
OBJECTIVE:   To obtain an entry level position in information systems and related field.

EDUCATION: Montgomery College, Takoma Park, MD
                          Major: Information System Technology
                           graduated with AA.

                          Keystone Job corps center
                          P.O. Box 37 Drums, PA 18222-0037
                          Lithographic Printing
                         Graduated with certificate in 1997.

MAJOR COURSE:- Pascal, Computer Concept, Computer Application Principal of Accounting I, II, Mackro and Micro Economics, statistics, system analysis ,Basic photography, Photo lightening, Studio, Advanced Photography, Color Photography, Ceramics, Astronomy, and Psychology, philosophy, Management.

SKILLS: QUARK EXPRESS 3.0,3.5, and, 6.0                     A.B Dick 9820 offset press
                 MACINTOSH PC                                                   A.B Dick S1205 duplicator
                CUSTOMERSERVICE                                           COPYMACHINE
                TYPING                                                                   DUPLO 10 COLATOR
                FILLING                                                                  FAXMACHINE
                PHONE ANSWERING                                            PHOTO DARK ROOM
                INTERNET NAVIGATION                                    MS WORD
                ORGANIZING                                                         MS OFFICE
                QUICK LEARNER, PROBLEM SOLVER             PAGE MAKER
                   412 DIRECT COPY PLATE MAKER                    HTML AUTHORING EXPERIENCE
MONTGOMERY COLLEGE, Takoma Park, MD (12/98 to 2002) office Assistant the planetarium as well as in the library work in circulation desk, shelve, organize, process books and Magazines. Help student to use the resources, answering phone, makes copy print, arrange public shows in the planetarium,
KEYSTONE JOB CORP CENTER, Foothills drive Drums, PA 18634-3899 OFFSET Press operator (7/3 /19 95- 3//3/19 97) operate A.B.Dick 9820 offset press, 3M model; 412  Direct copy maker plat maker, A.B.Dick S1250 Duplicator, Duplo 10 collator. Also set Pre-print on Macintosh 6.0 computer using quark express and page maker, and used different Standard print shop equipment, developing films and making photo prints. (717) 788-0245

IKEA COLLAGE PARK   Hyattsville MD   11000 Baltimore Ave.  (3/03 to 12/03) builder ,  sales person , customer service , coordinate , inventory , stock control stock cheek , proficient  in company oriented computer system  as well as many other  duty .

CASA DEL PABUELO  1459 Columbia  Rd  NW  Washington DC currently teaching  kids  between  the age of   6- 13 math, English , social  studies  as well as  arts/crafts and sports  .

                                              LEADERSHIP AND BIG BROTHER CERTIFICATE