Space-time Invariance and Quantum Gravity:

or how c, G, and h create the fabric of time-space (reality)!

Learn about Space-time Invariance and Quantum Gravity.  What significance does using Discrete Numbers (there is a smallest or shortest quantity) versus Real Numbers (where there is no smallest or shortest quantity) to measure length and time have in the observable universe.  Is it time to abandon the Real Numbers in describing space-time?  What is the smallest time: chronon, hodon, and space: extintion in SI, Standard International units?   Real small huh, so that is why we thought the universe was continuos when it was really discrete or pixelated.  Max Planck first calculated this smallest time and distance in 1899 a year before he formulated blackbody radiation in December of 1900 in Prussian Academy of Sciences. Max Planck: 'Über irreversible Strahlungsvorgänge'. Sitzungsberichte der Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, vol. 5, p. 440-479-480 (1899).  These are the so called Planck units or natural units.  At 10^-35 meters or 10^-43 seconds space-time is discrete; so these are the building blocks of physical reality. The realm of quantum gravity with Loop Quantum Gravity and String Theory (better web access to String Theory) as two possibilities, at the moment, who knows which if either is right, but we will let experiments decide.  Find out what and when an experiment might be done to detect some evidence for this very small structure that has until now only been numerological.

PowerPoint presentions used on Saturday, April 16, 2011.  The first Quicktime Mov movies made by Stephanie Rose Williams, "Zeno2", while at  Drexel  University, the  second  Quicktime  Mov movie "PlankLength" made by  Stephanie Rose Williams  Martinez,  the same  person, and newest Quicktime Mov movie made by Stephianie Rose Williams Marinez on this subject.

Edge of Physics a Scientific American digital publication.

What are the physical consequences to our freedom to move forward and backward in space, but only forward in time?  What causes causality?  Is there a cosmic censorship principle that prevents messing with time travel so you can not kill your mother before you are born?  Does it even make sense to talk about time travel?  How can we modify the theories of gravity so that it is no longer time inversion invariant?  What  does this have to do with CPT invariance?  Charge Conjugation (transforming matter to antimatter) Parity (mirror inversion in space)  Time (going forward or backward in time)

This was a special "World Year of Physics 2005" event commemorating Albert Einstein's wonderful creative year, Special Relativity, the Photoelectric Effect, and Brownian Motion papers where published in 1905. Though by 2015 it is hoped that this yearly event will have evolved enough to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of "General Relativity" that was invented by Albert Einstein in 1915. So we have 10 years to figure out Quantum Gravity, if we want to honor his 1915 work! Tick Tock!
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