Distributed Computing for High-Performance Computing at Montgomery College

The time is now, even in a time of scarcity!
  1. Dr. Nawal Benmouna, physics faculty, at Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus would like to do this and involve our students to do nuclear physics detector simulations in cooperation with the Jefferson Labs, George Washington University, and Catholic University of America.
  2. There are many other faculty members, too; I just have not spoken to them yet.
  3. Faculty, if you would like your name and reason for involving students at MC in "High-Performance Computing" please send me something like the entry under Nawal Benmouna via e-mail, and you will be included, too.
  4. Why do Dr. Max Nam and Dr. Harold Williams, physics faculty and staff at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, want High Performance computing at Montgomery College?   Cosmologists and astronomers may not see clearer than others, but we certainly see farther.  (Poul Pedersen, a college IT employee, and Harold Williams wrote the original NSF proposal that funded the project that connected Montgomery College to the Internet.)  High-Performance Computing can probably be done initially for almost no money at all, just using free software and the considerable investment that we already have in computers and Internet connectivity throughout the three campuses.  We do not have to wait for Internet 2 and the NOC, Network Operations Center, to be located at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.
  5. This will require the students and faculty users to learn how to program using Boinc in this novel environment. 
  6. Mathematics and the Natural Sciences (Biology and the Physical Science departments) need to assist Information Systems (Computer Science), our colleague, with interdisciplinary computational problems, which can be solved with our Virtual Supercomputer Center, VSC, formed from computers on all of the campuses via Network computing. 

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