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2011 REU Opportunities

The Institute for Broadening Participation



The Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP)

IBParticipation is committed to supporting future scientists as they make their way through their education and careers. In particular, our focus is on making an education and career in science more accessible to women, people of color, and first generation college students. In addition, we hope to support the work of faculty and administrators as they work to successfully include students from a variety of backgrounds in their programs. It is our goal to foster an on-going exchange of ideas and resources between individuals and institutions who have discovered strategies for success and are willing to share with those who are working to navigate their future in the STEM fields.  (http://www.ibparticipation.org)

Paid Undergrad Research Placements!!!

Over 600 programs -Undergraduate REU and Other Summer Research Opportunities:

See http://www.pathwaystoscience.org/summerresearch.asp

MC students are encouraged to pursue these opportunities while they have time over the holidays.

The Institute for Broadening Participation would be pleased to provide students with assistance in looking into and applying to these programs.

Sandra Thomas

Executive Director, Institute for Broadening Participation

Email: sthomas@ibparticipation.org; shthomas@umich.edu

Websites: www.agep.us; www.ibparticipation.org

Phone: 866-593-9103 Fax: 207-563-6069