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Education Resources


The Social Science Computer Center located in room RC 205, offers many resources to education students.  Some of the resources include software, videos, and texts that will supplement students' class sessions.

The following are some of the resources that can be found at the Social Sciences Computer Center.

Currently none available  
Picture of Textbook CoverExceptional Lives Special Education In Today's Schools It helps to prepare readers to become effective special educators using four themes: universal design for learning inclusion, collaboration, and multicultural responsiveness.

Field Experience Workbook For Introduction to Education This workbook is written for students enrolled in Introduction to Education with Field Experience, EDF 1005 or EDF 2005, to use as a structured guide for the preparation and implementation of the mandated fifteen hours of school site observations. The bulk of ...
Picture of Textbook CoverTeachers, Schools, and Society The most reader friendly text in its field, the seventh edition presents a comprehensive overview of education in America. It provides in-depth commentary on educational history, philosophy, and governance, while giving special attention to current ...
Picture of Video CoverA Little History Worth Knowing This video discusses stereotypes in film, television, and other media. It profiles the ongoing struggle for disability rights, considers the impact of technology on the freedom to live and work independently with a disability, and questions whether disability should be classified as a diversity issue.
Collaborative Planning: Transforming Theory Into Practice Featuring the expertise of Richard Villa, this video demonstrates specific, practical strategies designed to assist schools with collaborative planning. It discusses differentiation of classroom instruction, clear identification of membersí roles, and sharing of responsibility across the educational team.
Determining Section 504 Eligibility: A Guide for Successful Staff Training This video teaches the essentials of eligibility determination to ensure students are properly served under Section 504 and differentiates between IDEA and Section 504 eligibility.
Picture of Video CoverIEPs: Critical Content Components This video presents a real life IEP meeting and explains the six areas an IEP needs to address. It discusses present level of educational performance, annual goals and objectives, statement of special education and related services, participation in state...
Only a Teacher Video Series This three-video series chronicles the history of the American teacher and includes both extensive historical coverage and contemporary classroom scenes. Segments from all of the videos are keyed to each chapter in the Annotated Instructorís Edition.
Special People, Special Needs This video describes characteristics, capabilities, and expectations for children with mental retardation, physical or neurological impairments, sensory deficits, physical disabilities, communication limitations, and emotional/behavioral disorders. It discusses cerebral palsy, arthritis...
Teachers, Schools, and Society: A Video Companion

Available in Fall 2005
The Teachers, School, and Society video program has been expanded to provide at least one video clip per chapter (in many cases, there are several). Teachers, Schools, and Society: A Video Companion has been revised to include segments on meeting special needs, cooperative...
Ten Everyday Errors That Trigger Due Process: A Guide to Educatorsí Legal Requirements This video explains how the major areas of noncompliance have evolved since IDEA. It explores the ten most common errors made by teachers and administrators and provides proven strategies to avoid these mistakes. The program explains educatorsí legal obligations ...