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Political Science

Political ScienceBelow are internal and external links that students may find helpful.
Political Science Course Descriptions
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Political Science Faculty
Political Science Resources Available at the ASC
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Why does government work the way it does? What’s the difference between a blue state and a red state? What does outsourcing mean? Why does tuition keep going up? Who makes decisions about financial aid? What is the social security plan? How do you get to be secretary of state?

Do you have questions like these? In political science you can get the answers!!
Political Science Professors
In political science classes you learn about how governments work. You also can learn about how to use the system to address problems in your real life and your community.

Many students take political science classes because when they complete these classes they have a better understanding of the responsibilities and the rights of a citizen. And it doesn’t matter whether you are planning to be a nurse, teacher or an accountant; what the government does affects you. Knowledge of political science helps you understand how local, state and federal governments can change your community, career and family.

Also, not only do political science classes count toward elective or general education requirements, they also are essential background for students considering careers in law, education, business, criminal justice and journalism among others.