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Sociology Resources


The Academic Success Center located in room CM110, offers many resources to sociology students.  Some of the resources include software, videos, and texts that will supplement students' class sessions.

The center's library includes the textbooks used all of the sociology classes offered at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus.  In addition, the center' library holds study guides to most of the course textbooks.  Beyond the classroom texts, the center has the following sociology related books.

Software IconSocWorld “This CD-ROM includes videos, interactive quizzes, interactive chapter introduction excerpts from the text, interactive exercises, career opportunity links, a learning assessment tool, a study skills primer, a guide to electronic research, a link to the Violence & Terrorism PowerWeb, and a quick link to the Online Learning Center.” – Publisher's Description
Software IconSociology: The Essentials Software “Explore and analyze specific Web sites and answer important questions based on what you have discovered. The Web sites included represent a broad range: official U.S. and U.N sites, academic sites, advocacy sites, and many others. Complete quizzes about the guided research you’ve conducted online, and then email your responses to your instructor. Interact with and experience sociological topics with the CD-ROM’s vivid and dynamic photos, videos, maps, and graphs.” – Publisher's Description
Community Matters: A Reader for Writers "Community Matters is a unique book which features writing instruction that emphasizes process, audience, and purpose, while presenting a wide range of readings that focus on vital community issues. Community Matters encourages its readers to think critically about the social, political, and philosophical meanings and importance of community while offering helpful advice on how to build a writer's community. Community Matters provides its readers an opportunity to work with community leaders, educators, and social critics, encouraging them to respond through writing to local, national, and global community issues. Writing is connected with the community through thematic inquiry, reflection, and structured writing activities. Extensive writing samples are included. For all of those interested in community issues and writing."  -From Back Cover
Amy Potter Different opinions from students on topics such as: Schools, dormitories, religion, fights, exercises, after school activities, differences with rich and poor children and what they do about it, what they think about colored children, their plans after graduation, and college
Time: (1:30:00)
CNN Sociology Today Videos The CNN Today Sociology Video Series, a five set series, is an exclusive series jointly created by Wadsworth and CNN for the introduction to sociology course. Each video in the series consists of approximately 45-minutes of footage originally broadcast on CNN within in the last several years and selected specifically to illustrate important sociological concepts. The videos are broken into short two to seven minute segments, which are perfect for classroom use as lecture launchers, or to illustrate key sociological concepts. An annotated table of contents accompanies each video with descriptions of the segments and suggestions for their possible use within the course.
Time: (45:00) Each
Click here for details about each of these vides and the modules within them.
The Merrow Report: Lost in Translation (Latinos, Schools, and Society) The extraordinarily high drop-out rate among Latinos is the result of many factors, one of which is language. While language is key, it is only part of the picture. This documentary explores the successes and failures of different types of language programs- English only, bilingual, and dual. Host John Merrow talks to Latino youth and educators to uncover additional reasons many Latino youth are falling through the cracks.
Time: (48:00)
Streetwise The life of teenagers living on City streets prostituting, stealing, using and selling drugs for personal pleasures. The video explains personal conversations on why and how the teenagers live on City streets. Learning to survive.
Picture of video CoverRACE - the power of an illusion (New) Episode one: The difference between us Episode two: The story we tell Episode three: The house we live in Race - The power of an illusion challenges one of our most fundamental beliefs: that human beings come divided into a few distinct groups. This definitive three -part series is an eye-opening tale of how what we assume to be normal, commonsense, even scientific, is actually shaped by our history, social institutions and cultural beliefs.