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Frequently asked questions:

How can I earn extra credit?
How to use the center's computers?
How do I print off of the internet?
How to play a DVD on the Computer?
What if I need tutoring?
What are the rules of the center?
What are your check-out procedures?

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The Center's Rules

The following is a list of rules students must obeyed by while in the center.

  • No Food or Drinks are allowed

  • Software, Videos and Textbooks cannot be taken out of the center

  • Students must sign-in prior to using resources

  • The internet is limited to research

  • Chat programs cannot be used

  • Students must remain quiet in the center

  • Cell phones cannot be used in the center

  • Professors' documents cannot be printed or copied, such as Prof. Dunn PY 203 Piaget's Theory

  • The center is limited to social sciences use only.

Failure to follow the rules will result in the student being asked to leave.

The Check-Out Procedure

To check out a text or video, the student must have his/her ID.  Upon receipt of this resource, you will provide the student assistant on duty with your ID, which will remain in the center's custody until the resource is returned.  Resources cannot be taken out of the center.

Tutoring at the Center

Tutoring is available at the center for the disciplines it covers.  Just inform the student assistant on duty that you would like tutoring.  He/she will either begin a tutoring session immediately or schedule a time with you for a tutoring session.  Please be specific, so the tutor can be better prepared for the sessions.

Internet Printing

Printing documents from the internet can be tricky as different web pages are designed differently.  Most of the course web links operate in frames.  A page made in frames means the designer split the page into different sections.  Basically,  the page has multiple pages showing at once, although it only looks as if one page is being displayed.  When you try to print, internet explorer will only print one of these frames by default, the frame that was last active.  Therefore, you must first click on the frame you want to print before you print.  Do not concern yourself with what frames are, but just know that some web pages are made in frames, and when they are, you must click on the area in which you want to print before you tell the computer to print.  

Playing a DVD


  1. Open DVD drive and place DVD in tray, by pressing the button under the DVD drive. (figure to right)

  2. Press the same button again to close the DVD drive.

  3. On the desktop, click on the Start menu, move mouse to programs, move mouse over to the two arrows pointing down, click, move mouse to "Cyperlink Power DVD", move mouse to "PowerDVD" and finally click.

  4. The DVD should start to play.

  5. See Student Assistant if need additional help.

Extra Credit

Some professors offer extra credit to students for logging in hours at the Academic Success Center.  If students would like to earn extra credit at the center, they must acquire an extra credit slip from the student assistant prior to using the center.  Extra credit slips will be destroyed if students are researching areas that are not specific to their course.  In some cases, students can only use resources that have been identified by their professor.  Extra credit slips will also be destroyed if students leave the center while earning hours.