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Office of Student Life
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
7600 Takoma Avenue Takoma Park, MD 20912
Student Services Bldg., Rm. 217
(240) 567-1482

All Student Life Interactive resources for clubs, programs and student organizations can be found at http://studentlifetpss.pbwiki.comPlease visit this site for the most current club and program information and to directly contact student senate, clubs and organizations.  


The Office of Student Life, Montgomery College, Takoma Park / Silver Spring Campus has a lot to offer you as a student. If there are any programs or activities that you don't see offered, there are resources available to assist you in organizing your own program or club. This manual has been prepared to give some guidelines for the creation of a student club. Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Life Office for additional information.


A student organization is designed to serve the entire campus community. For example, the Student Senate represents all students when voting in campus committees or recommending action of behalf of the student body. The EXCALIBUR Newspaper is a service to the entire campus community and provides campus information and articles of interest to all of us at Takoma Park. The Director of Student Life or faculty who report to the Director advise student organizations.

A club is designed to meet a specific interest of students. For example, the Nursing Club is of interest mainly to nursing majors. Takoma Park faculty or staff members advise clubs. Both the club leaders and the advisors work with the Student Senate President and the Director of Student Life to accomplish their program goals and to develop their leadership skills.


Yes! Reactivating a club is easier than staring a new club if an inactive club constitution still on file will meet your new club’s needs. Review and revise the old constitution and then submit it to the Office of Student Life Senate.


So you've got an idea for a new student club? The privilege of using the College name and resources is one that cannot be extended without careful thought. To gain recognition as an official club, the Student Senate and the Office of Student Life must consider several factors, such as your club's purpose and objectives, the relevance of your club to the campus community, and the business-like manner in which you apply for recognition.

Here are some step-by-step guidelines to organize a club:

STEP I Stop by the Office of Student Life and meet with the Director (Room 209, Commons Building) to discuss your proposal. The Director may know of other students interested in this type of club or may refer you to another club with similar objectives.

STEP 2 Talk to other students, staff, or faculty to see if you can identify at least five other members for your club. After preliminary approval from the Director, you may set up an organizational meeting (or two) to determine interest, solicit ideas for activities, and prepare your constitution. (SEE GUIDELINES FOR A CLUB CONSTITUTION in the next section)

STEP 3 Your club will need a Takoma Park faculty or staff member (part-time or full-time employee) to serve as advisor. When you are looking for an advisor, be prepared to explain the purpose of your club and allow them to read the section in this manual on "The Role of Advisors." Some clubs may want to have two advisors (co-advisors) depending on the nature of the club.

STEP 4 Organizers of a new club (and the advisor (s) when possible) will need to write a constitution using the guideline for a club constitution. A wide variety of current and inactive club constitutions are available from the Director as examples. Once completed, provide a copy to the President in the Student Senate and request that it be approved at their next meeting. The President or any of the Executive Staff shall be on hand to answer any questions concerning the constitution. If approval is denied, an explanation in form of a letter will be given to the Club President and Advisor. If modifications are requested, you may resubmit the constitution on the next Senate meeting after making the necessary changes.

STEP 5 The last step is to complete a "Club Registration" form. While you only need to prepare a constitution once an academic year, a registration form must be completed each semester or whenever there is a change of club officers. Registration expires May 15 of each school year. Submit a "Club Registration" form and an approved constitution to the Director or the President of the Student Senate.

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