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Will my Grade Point Average (GPA) transfer?

No. If you attended another college prior to enrolling at MC, your GPA starts over at Montgomery College. If you transfer to another school after MC, you must report all schools you have attended previously. Your combined GPA may be calculated for admissions decisions, however your GPA from MC and other schools will not transfer to the next school.

What GPA do I need to graduate?
To qualify as a candidate for a certificate or the associate's degree, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a 2.0 GPA in major courses of the curriculum for which the degree will be granted.
How do I raise my GPA? 
  • By obtaining high grades in your courses.
  • By retaking courses in which you have earned a low grade. At MC, the most recent grade will count in recalculating your GPA, but both grades will continue to show on your transcript. Replacing a "D" or "F" will raise your GPA more quickly than taking new courses and averaging higher grades.
  • By carefully planning your course load and asking for help from counseling faculty to access student support services for tutoring and study skills strategies.
How do I calculate my GPA?

The formula for computing your GPA may be found in the Academic Standards section of your MC Catalog and in your Student Handbook. The online GPA calculator will allow you to calculate your current GPA and project what grades you need to attain a certain goal.

To check your GPA, sign on to the Montgomery College Secure Site (MyMC) to look at your student records. You may also print out an unofficial student transcript at any of the kiosks located on all campuses or from the internet.

Can I get rid of "F" grades on my transcript?

You may be able to file an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee, depending on your situation. Obtain the Academic Appeal Form for your campus, read the instructions, then consult with a counseling faculty member to determine if your particular situation meets the criteria.

I received a "D" in a course; should I take it again?

This depends on the course and its importance in your major. If you feel you can do significantly better in the course the second time around and it is necessary for your major or career, it is probably a good idea to retake the course. Keep in mind that both grades will appear on your transcript, but only the most recent grade will count in your GPA.

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Last Updated: July 18, 2006