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Must I take all the required courses in one semester?  

No. That would be impossible. Space your courses out according to your needs.
How many courses should I take?

The answer depends on your own situation. You need to be the judge of how to balance your academic load with your work, social life and other responsibilities.

In general, students who work full-time will find it difficult to do more than two or three courses a semester. Students who do not work or work part-time may take a full-time class load, which is twelve semester hours (about 4 classes).

Here is a questionnaire that might help you decide how many courses to take.

What is the difference between a full-time and part-time course load?
MC defines a full-time load as 12 to 18 semester hours. A part-time load is anything less than 12 semester hours.
How much time will I need to study for each course?
Again, this will vary. We suggest students plan to spend two to three hours outside of class for each hour in class per week. Therefore, a full-time student, taking 12 credits, should allow 24 to 36 hours of study time per week.
Does MC offer courses over the Internet?

Yes, several courses are offered online and Internet resources are incorporated into many traditional on campus courses. Take the Is Web for Me survey on the  Distance Learning website. Then visit the Online Student Success Center for more information about distance learning at MC.:

Which beginning computer class should I take?
CA101, CA106, CA172 and CS110 are examples of basic computer literacy courses. For specific information speak with advisors in your major or talk with the advisors in the computer applications and/or computer science departments.
Are developmental classes required, especially since they do not count toward a degree?

Yes, if your assessment or placement tests show that you need them. Although these courses may not count towards graduation, they are preparation for success in college level course work. Most MC courses require a certain level of reading, English and/or math competencies in order to enroll. The course descriptions in the College Catalog lists the requirements for each course.

If I test into American English Language Courses (EL, RD) can I take other courses?
Speak with a counselor, AELP (American English Language Program) professor or advisor from the AELP department to determine which courses, if any, you are able to take in addition to English as a Second Language.
Can I skip a prerequisite class?

Visit the department for the course you wish to take. An advisor in the department can tell you more about the content of the course and whether you have sufficient knowledge to skip a required class. If you are eligible, the department advisor can approve your request.

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Last Updated: July 18, 2006