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Who benefits from Career Counseling?

Students who:

  • do not know what career field they would like to enter
  • are having trouble deciding on a college major or program
  • who want to confirm a career choice that they have already made
  • want to make a career change

What is available in the Career Center?

Here are just a few things you can find in the career centers: employment opportunities, career library, career assessments, job search information including help with resume writing and interviewing, career fair, transfer resources, internship and co-op information and much more

What is covered in the Career Development course (DS103)?

Taking the career course provides the most in depth exploration of the career development process where you are guided through assessments of your career interests, abilities, values, skills, experiences that put together provide you with a career profile.  You also examine occupations that fit your career profile and learn job search strategies to include internet resources, resume writing and interviewing. 

What happens during career counseling?

Career counseling involves meeting with a counselor to be guided through the tools and resources that can help you find a career path that is a good fit for you.  Counseling sessions may involve interpretation of career assessments and discussion of career activities and reading materials designed to help you determine your career goals.  It is a multiple-step process that takes varying amounts of time for different people

What are career assessments?

Career assessments can be an important part of career counseling. Assessments may help you explore and clarify your career possibilities by providing information about how your personality and preference match with various careers.

Some students call them “tests”, but we prefer to use the word assessments since there are no right or wrong answers.  They will just assess the information you provide and give you information to help you decide on careers. 

Select this link to learn more about these career assessments

What are some of the career assessments?

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI can help you understand the attributes of your personality and how they relate to your career choices. It provides you with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, how you interact with others and how you are perceived by others.

Self Directed Search 

The Self Directed Search help you find careers and educational programs that match your interests and skills.  It takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Strong Interest Inventory

    The Strong Interest Inventory examines your preferences about occupations, extracurricular activities, academic subjects, etc.  By identifying trends among your interests, the assessment generates an extensive list of prospective careers for further exploration.  

What are some computer based career guidance programs?


    An easy to use career planning and occupational information computer program that can assist you in making career decisions. This program can help you whether you are exploring academic majors, learning about occupations or conducting a job search. You might want to begin with the inventories to assess your interests, values and abilities.


    In this comprehensive career planning tool, you can take values, activities, and interests assessments. Your answers generate a listing of occupations with information about those careers. You then analyze your results, make decisions, and develop a plan to achieve your goal. The program allows you to save your record for your next visit or to share with a career counselor.

    This web based program is available to MC students by going to MyMC.  Once inside, select Students Services and then Career Planning. 

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