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What is Cooperative Education?  

The Cooperative Education Program at Montgomery College is an optional program designed to permit students to integrate classroom learning with on-the-job experience in a business, government, technical, or professional field.  CO-OP students will be employed in positions which are directly related to their chosen fields of study.

Where are CO-OP students placed?

Most CO-OP and Internship students work in the Washington metropolitan area, but some students have chosen work experiences in other states, such as, California, West Virginia, and New York.

What are students paid?

CO-OP students earn between $7.00 - $15.00 per hour.

How many hours do students work?
CO-OP students must complete a minimum of 15 hours per week (225 hours must be completed during the semester).
What are the benefits to students?
  • Receive college credit for work in your major
  • Earn money for tuition and expenses
  • Improve opportunities for post-graduations employment
  • Apply classroom learning to actual on-the-job experiences
  • Develop maturity, professionalism, and self-confidence
  • Learn how to work with colleagues in a professional atmosphere
  • Test career objectives and gain valuable experience in a chosen career
What are the benefits to employers participating in the CO-OP Program?
  • Pre-screened, high achieving students

  • Cost-effective recruitment and training

  • New academic knowledge for their business

  • Potential employees without a long-term commitment

Where have some CO-OP students been placed?

A very short list of past Co-op placements includes: National Institutes of Health, WRC-TV, The White House, Marriott, Lockheed Martin, Voice of America, IBM, Euromotor Cars, Georgetown Law Center, Suburban Hospital, National Aquarium, Washington Post, Telecommunications Techniques Corporation, Univax Biologics

Who is eligible to participate in the CO-OP Program?
Students with, at least, 12 credits in college, two courses completed in the major, and a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

Employers with jobs who are willing to establish, at least, a  semester long partnership between your organization, the student and the Montgomery College CO-OP Office.

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