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Researching Careers & Jobs

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How to I find out about salaries?

These resources will get you started, but remember salaries are a moving target that change annually and are different in various parts of the country. 
How can I find out more about the field I have chosen?
One way is to write to, talk to someone, or become involved in professional organizations.  Here's a website:
What is job shadowing?

One of the best ways to evaluate different career options and industries is by shadowing professionals in your field of interest.  Shadowing and mentoring come in many forms, from formal opportunities to interact with professionals to simply spending a day at the office with a family member or friend. 

When seeking out a shadowing opportunity, utilize all the resources available to you for accessing individuals who may be able to help you.  Contact family and friends, professors or existing mentors for help.  In addition, the Career Center has multiple tools available to aid you in your search:

Is attending career fairs is a good way to get a job?
It can be, but read these helpful hints about making the most out of a career fair:
  • Come as early as you can. Some employers leave a little on the early side to catch flights. By attending early, you’ll likely miss the big crowds and have easier access to the employers you are interested in pursuing.
  • Don’t walk around aimlessly, have a plan of attack. Approach the employers you are most interested in first. Talk to as many employers as possible, you might not be interested in a particular employer until you hear what they have to offer. When you approach employers you should introduce yourself, give them a resume, find out about their recruiting process and ask questions. Make sure you get contact information so you can follow up later.
  • Employers understand that you’ll be stopping by the Career Fair in between your classes so business casual is appropriate. That means slacks and a button down shirt for men and slacks or skirt with a blouse for women. If you’d like to dress more formally, a suit is always acceptable.
  • Bring plenty of resumes and a notepad so you can take some notes. You should also bring a bag since many employers will give out company literature and other items.
  • Make sure your resume is in tip-top shape.
  • You should also develop a brief introduction to use when you approach employers. To impress employers.
What are some ways to find information about careers from the Internet?
Check out the Occupational Research Tutorial.  It has links to many Internet resources that will help you learn more about careers.
How about sharing some of your favorite occupational research websites?
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