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Why is self assessment so important in making a career decision?

Through the process self assessment, individuals increase their capacity to make effective career and academic decisions, as well as clarify values and goals for life planning. A holistic and comprehensive assessment of interests, values, personality styles, and abilities can help individuals make important decisions such as choosing an undergraduate major, returning to school, or applying to a health professional program. Overall, a realistic assessment of strengths, limitations, personality style, and values is a necessary foundation for individuals considering careers in the health care professions.

What are some ways to increase my self knowledge related to my major, career, and academic planning?

Take career inventories either by going to one of the Career Centers, by taking DS 103, by going into MyMC and find the Career Planning online tool, SIGI 3, behind the Student Services Tab, or take a look at some of these websites that offer self assessments:

I'm in a job and a field that I really don't like.  How can I go about changing careers?

You may be thinking about a new job or a new career where there is change in your job function and responsibilities. Any thoughtful change takes time and effort and consideration of the risks. So, where do you start?

Whether you are considering a drastic change or a related field change, know that you have “transferable skills” that can be applied to most job areas. Consider the skills you are using in your current job. Explore transferable skills employers are looking for.

Identify your skill strengths and determine how they can apply to your next career. You have to figure out your strengths and convince the employer that you can do the job. Assuming that the employer will discover your strengths is a mistake.

Remember to take the time to analyze your situation. The unhappy or restless feeling that you have about your job didn’t develop overnight, so you need to take sufficient time to think about, write down or talk with someone about your situation.

Next, do some research into alternative careers. What fits your personality, interests and abilities? Write down your strengths and build on them. Use books, videos, and the Internet to investigate options and obtain information.

If you are not currently working and are job seeking, this is a great time to think about what you really want to do. Don’t rush into your next job, just to repeat a pattern where you will continue to be unhappy.

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