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What is the International and Multicultural Student Center?

The Center for International and Multicultural Students is made up of designated counselors on each campus who work with International students or students whose first language is not English. These International Counselors advise new students, provide counseling, and plan programs to help the student in the transition to college life in the United States.

Which Counselors make up the Centers?
Germantown Campus:
Joy Morgan-Thompson, 150 Sciences & Applied Studies (SA), (240) 567-1803
Ada Garcia-Casellas, 150 Sciences & Applied Studies (SA), (240) 567-1801
Shirley Wilcher, 150 Sciences & Applied Studies (SA), (240) 567-1975

Rockville Campus:
Aggie Harrell, 215 Counseling Building (CB), (240) 567-5079
Linda Robinson, 228 Counseling Building (CB), (240) 567-5080
Hilda Smith, 216 Counseling Building (CB), (240) 567-5116

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus:
Harold Barber, 126 Student Services Pavilion (ST), (240) 567-1480
Who handles I-20, F-1 and visa issues?

The International Student Coordinators handle all visa and I-20 questions from the Admissions offices on each campus.

Germantown Campus:
Heidi Russell-Kalkofen, 150 Sciences & Applied Studies (SA), (240) 567-1803

Rockville Campus:
Marlon Vallejo-Valencia and Heidi Russell-Kalkofen, 108 Student Services (SV), (240) 567-5315.

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campuses:
Lorraine Krusa, 135 Student Services Pavilion (ST), (240) 567-1639.

Who handles admission for students who come from other countries or whose first language is not English?
The Admissions Office handles all admissions.
Do I need to take a test to take classes?

Montgomery College uses tests for placement purposes. If you have any of the following English or math scores, you are exempt from the placement testing in that area:

  • SAT verbal score above 550
  • SAT math score above 550
  • CEEB Achievement Test score of 50 or higher
  • ETS CLEP examination
  • TOEFL score of 575 or above (Written Exam)
  • TOEFL score of 231 or above (Computerized Exam)
  • TOEFL score of 90 or above (Internet based, IBT)
  • Comparable college-level English courses
  • ACT combined score above 24
  • AP score of 3, 4, or 5 in English or mathematics

Read more information about Assessment or Placement tests.

If I need to take a test, which test will I take?

The Academic American English Placement Test is recommended for most students whose first language is not English.

Will I need to pay for this test?

No, there is no additional fee for this test. You must apply to the College and pay your Admissions fee before you can sign up for the test.

What is the test like?

Please read Frequently Asked Questions about the Academic American English Placement Test before you come take the test.

How is the test used?

This test is used to determine your course placement. Members of the ESL/Reading faculty will review your test results and place you into one of the following:

  • Continuing Education English as a Second Language (ESOL) classes designed to improve your general communication skills.
  • American English Language Courses (AELP) (credit) designed to prepare you to take other college courses that are offered in English.
  • College level English composition courses required for all students who wish to pursue a degree in the United States.

To learn more, go to the AELP website

Can I transfer credits for courses completed outside the U.S.? 

Students requesting advanced standing credit for course work completed outside of the US must have a full evaluation completed by an independent, accredited credentialing service. Please read Instructions for International Credit Evaluations for help on how to do this. The service provider must forward the evaluation directly to the Admissions Office at the campus you plan to attend. The College will then determine the credit to be awarded and will notify the student.

Do you have a class to help international and multicultural students succeed at Montgomery College?
Counselors teach DS104 Seminar for International Students for students in their first semester at Montgomery College who:
  • are new to the country
  • are new to College
  • place into the American English Language Program (AELP)
What is included in this class?

The course covers the following:

  • The American System of Education
  • Study Skills
  • Accessing College Resources
  • Career Search
  • Transfer Issues
  • American Culture
  • Immigration Information

In addition, students participate in a field trip to learn about American culture.

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Last Updated: March 10, 2009