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The Macklin Business Institute, Montgomery College, Rockville Campus.  The Macklin Business Institute offers an honors and mentoring program to sophomore-year business students. The college-wide program includes participation in business honors courses, a seminar each week, and mentoring by both a faculty member and a corporate executive. A business internship and scholarship support will also be available to students accepted into the Institute.

So You Want to Be a Business Major
General advising notes for students thinking about majoring in Business at four-year colleges & universities, including a list of schools with Business Programs within a 50-mile radius of the Rockville Campus, and recommended courses for students at Montgomery College.

Business Programs Within A 50-Mile Radius of the Rockville Campus Nearby college and universities offering business programs.

Transfer Advising Notes for the Robert H. Smith School of Business, UMCP 

 Robert H. Smith Business School Requirements - for students who intend to transfer to Smith, either Main Campus or Shady Grove.  This is a good general list of courses for students who want to major in business but who are undecided about a transfer school.
        3.  UMCP Website for the Smith School of Business
The Business of Business Advising
Business is booming at the Robert H. Smith School, University of Maryland College Park - both Main and Shady Grove campuses - so much so that early advising is critical to admissions success. 

What does it take to get into Smith?  Besides a terrific grade point average (realistically, a 3.5 or higher), each student's application is examined for evidence of leadership activities, work experience and a willingness to take challenging courses.  This is information that incoming freshmen at MC must know.  Involvement in activities should begin early on.  The Smith Advising Page states this clearly.  The student who owns a thriving business and who has a 3.2 may still find a way into Smith, but the majority of students accepted are those who have excelled in the classroom.

Students should also have a Plan B ready.  Many students are attracted to Smith because it's nearby, it's reasonably priced as a state school, and because of it's growing reputation.  But Smith is not the only way to succeed in business.

Students often ask, "Will a degree from _______ be as respected/meaningful/marketable as one from Smith?"
The answer is really in several parts:  yes, if  a student has completed an internship or cooperative work experience within the field, yes if a student shows great performance in the classroom, and yes if a student networks with professors and fellow students.  Students with strong internship experience have a distinct edge regardless of where their degree is from or what their major was.  If Smith is not in the stars, some creative brainstorming with advisors at Montgomery College and at transfer institutions can still make a career in business a reality. 


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