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The Career Planning Process
Your Career Profile

Interests (Step 1) Skills (Step 1) Values (Step 1) Personality (Step 1) Summary (Step 1)

What is your Holland Code?

_____ _____ _____

What else have you learned about your career interest?

What careers are suggested by your interests?

List 5 skills that you enjoy using and either currently possess or want to develop.

What careers would allow you to use your skills?


List your tops 5 work values.

What careers would provide opportunities for you to express your values?


What have you learned about your career values? List 3-5 careers that are a good fit for your personality type.


Review your answers to the first four sections of self assessment.  List the careers that seem to be the best fit for your interests, skills, values and personality.
Research (Step 2) Majors (Step 3) Narrowing (Step 4) Education (Step 5) Next Steps
After researching your careers, list the pros and cons of each career on your list.  Put a mark in front of your top 2-3 careers.




Which majors sound good?  What are the educational requirements are recommended to enter the careers on your list of possibilities?


My concerns with these careers are? What are the education &/or training requirements for your top careers? What next steps will you take to continue your career exploration process?



Step 1
Who Are You?

Step 2
Career Info

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6


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