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The Career Planning Process
         Step 5 (Find Training/Education For Your New Career)

At this point, you have made a preliminary decision about a career.  In Step 3 (Career Info) you found out how much education you will need to enter your career.  Each box below provides information about a different group of educational and training opportunities. Explore those that are appropriate for your career choice.  Internships and other experiential learning opportunities are appropriate for all levels. 

Two Year College Programs | Four Year Colleges | Internships | Apprenticeships |
Technical Training Schools | Continuing Education/Workforce Development

Two Year College Programs (MC)
Four Year Colleges & Universities

If you want to continue your education beyond the offerings at Montgomery College, you can search for four-year bachelors degree programs by using a college search program below and specifying a major.

Try more than one of these free sites to develop a list of schools:

To explore transferring from MC:


Try a program that pays you while you learn on the job...

Technical/Vocational Training Schools
Continuing Education / Workforce Development

The RWM Vocational School database or use any search engine with keywords ("culinary schools Maryland")

Montgomery College's Workforce Development & Continuing Education is a place where you can, in a short time, gain up-to-date, real-world skills that you can take directly to the job market.  Prepare for a new career in health sciences or learn a new management, computer, or business skill. Continue your professional education in real estate, accounting, or insurance.  Our Technical Training Division provides skilled training in a variety of trades.


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