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Transfer Advising Notes for Education Majors

AAT:  Community college students in Maryland can earn an associates degree (the Associate of Arts in Teaching) that fulfills the first two years of a Maryland Elementary Education Teaching Program.  Students who complete the AAT in Elementary Education may transfer smoothly to any Maryland 4-year college, public or private.  This is the recommended path for any student interested in majoring in Elementary Education at a Maryland four-year institution.  Visit the M.C. Education Page for more information.  

College & University Programs:

  1. Education Majors List - education programs offered by four-year schools within a 50-mile driving radius of MC - Rockville Campus.

Partnership with Universities at Shady Grove Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education/Special Education offered by Towson University.  Finish a four-year degree in Montgomery County.

Scholarships and Special Programs:

Teacher Incentive Updates from the Maryland Department of Education, including scholarships, stipends and mentoring programs.  

Getting Started

  • Take Montgomery College's ED 101 Foundations of Education, 3 credits, and ED 102, Field Experience in Education to explore the field.

  • Meet with an adviser in the Education Program at the Rockville Campus.  Meet with an adviser EVERY SEMESTER to get assistance with choosing classes.

  • Take courses listed in one of the AAT's listed above.  With the help of a counselor or adviser, choose general courses first if you're not sure about committing to this major.

  • VISIT possible four-year schools as early as possible to discuss becoming an education major.  Go on a campus admissions tour and contact the Education Department of each school directly to talk about visiting and getting advised.  Take your unofficial transcript with you as well as a copy of the MC catalog so advisers can see the outline of the AAT and better help you select courses at MC.

  • Volunteer or work in the field of education - most education programs require that you submit references from at least two supervisors who have observed you working with children.  Get started on these experiences as soon as possible - they'll also help you decide whether this career is a good match for you.  Try some of these links to find out how to volunteer or become employed:

Career Information:

  1. Maryland Department of Education Certification Requirements & Information.

  2. Praxis Test Information: registration, test dates, sample tests.

  3. Montgomery County Public Schools Employment Page

  4. UMCP's "How Do I Get Certified to Teach?" Information Page

  5. What Can I Do with a Major in Education? from UNC-Wilmington.

  6. Teaching as a Profession - the Occupational Outlook Handbook

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