General Studies Degree Check Sheet Semester Started at MC:_______________ Major/Area of Study:____________________________ Transfer Institution:________________________ MC Catalog Year:___________________________

Montgomery College Course/Requirement Course elected/planned Semester Hours
(see notes below) req sem
EN101 EN101 3
English foundation 3
Physical education elective (PE101-PE199) * 1
Health foundation * 1
Speech foundation 3
Mathematics foundation 3
Arts distribution 3
Humanities distribution 3
Arts or Humanities distribution 3
Behavioral and social science distribution+ 3
Behavioral and social science distribution+ 3
Natural sciences lab distribution 4
Natural sciences non-lab or lab distribution 3(4)
General electives-total of 24 credit hours needed
Multicultural Course
Total credit hours needed 60 (61)

+ Behavioral and social science distribution - courses must be from 2 different disciplines

The General Studies degree must include a multicultural course.

-Students must follow the requirements of one college catalog. This is usually the catalog of the year of the student's first semester.

* Health credits may be substituted for physical education requirements

Additional Supportive Coursework (if needed) Semester Plan for Suggested Classes

Developmental Courses American English Language Courses
Reading English Math English Reading Speech
RD095 EN001 MA090 EL101 RD101 SP102
RD099 EN002 MA091 EL102 RD102 EL110
    MA101 EL103 RD103 EL111
    MA102 EL104    

Use this form for planning the sequence of courses you need to reach your goal. Please consult with a counselor/advisor.

Year 1

Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2

Year 2

Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2

Year 3

Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2