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Montgomery County, Maryland

Preparation for the Accuplacer Test 
Reading and English Sentence Skills Sections

Montgomery College uses the Accuplacer Test to determine your course placement in all classes.  
Your scores on the reading, English and math tests determine exactly which level of courses you may take (developmental or college-level classes).  Practicing for these tests can sometimes make a big difference in your scores.

Some important points to remember:

  1. All Accuplacer multiple-choice tests are untimedTake your time.  Each computer delivers a different test to students, so the person next to you is usually taking a different test.  Don't feel rushed by the work of others.  These results are very important, and one point can make a difference in your course placement. 

If you have been asked to retake the Reading section of the test, here are some additional things to consider:

  • If you had an IEP in high school, please contact a DSS counselor at MC if you need accommodations beyond an untimed test session (see # 1).  A DSS counselor can determine what else we might do to help. 
  • Use the cursor (the mouse, holding down the left click)  - to highlight the words as you read, or use a piece of paper to block out the words below to focus as you read each sentence.  
  • MC will use the highest of your scores for placement.  If your retest score is lower, we'll use the first.
  • IF your placement is the same and your score is below 53 points on the Accuplacer Reading test, we will invite you to enroll in the Pathways Program.  This one-semester program is offered at all three campuses and teaches ways to improve your reading comprehension along with college and career planning.  Learn more about Pathways here:

Reading Comprehension - There are 20 multiple-choice questions of two types on the Reading Comprehension test.  Practice Reading Test Questions & Answers:

- Brushing Up/Reading Test, Brookdale CC, NJ
- Two:  Reading Practice 1, & Reading Practice 2,
New England Inst. of Technology, RI
- Reading Practice Questions,
Fox Valley CC, WI

- Reading Practice Questions,
- Reading Test,
Walla Walla Univ., WA

English / Sentence Skills - There are 20 Sentence Skills multiple-choice questions of two types.

- Sentence Skills Review, Brookdale Community College
- Sentence Skills Study Guide
from Aims CC, CO
- Sentence Skills Practice,
Sandhills Community College, NC

- Practice Items, Manatee Community College, Florida
- Sentence Skills Items, Study Guide Zone
- Sentence Skills Practice,
New England Inst. of Tech, RI

Find the Accuplacer Math Preparation Page here:

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