Montgomery College                       TRANSFER TIMES                       January 2010


·         Wednesday, February 24 Germantown Campus, 
HT Building, 10 am -1 pm

·         Wednesday, March 3, Rockville Campus,
PE Building, 9 am – 1 pm

·         Thursday, March 4, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, Student Services Building  10 am - 1 pm


Representatives from over 40 different colleges and universities will answer questions about transfer applications, majors available, new programs & transfer scholarships.



If you want to transfer to another school for Fall 2010, the time to apply is NOW (or even, yesterday!).  Transfer admissions applications are on the rise at all Maryland public four-year schools.  Early applications, sent before published transfer deadlines, are the key to acceptance.  Things you’ll need to do:

·         Find the online transfer application for each school.   

·         Complete a transcript request form ($5 fee) to send your official MC transcript to school(s).  MC sends your transcripts electronically to Maryland State schools - paper transcripts slow down the process!

·         Send your high school record and SAT scores if you have less than 30 credits showing as COMPLETED on your MC transcript.  Contact your high school for the transcript/request a copy of your SAT scores from the  Some schools, like Salisbury, require fewer completed credits (24 total) – check with each school’s transfer admissions requirements. 

·         FINISH that essay -  don’t let this interfere with finishing your application, get it DONE and send it in!  Application Essay Tips.

·         Letters of recommendation - request them ONLY if required.  Many schools do NOT want letters of recommendation.  Don’t overwhelm your professors with requests if they are not required.  Read more about Letters of Recommendation here.

·         Make a plan for housing - many schools do not offer transfer students on-campus housing.  Contact the On-Campus Housing Office for details; most schools have an Off-Campus Housing website to give you ideas about how to find nearby rooms or apartments. 

·         Investigate scholarships and financial aid – follow the many suggestions here.

Give yourself a reality check – does your overall grade point average meet the preferred minimums for transfer?   At the University of Maryland, College Park, a total GPA of 3.0 is the minimum GPA to be a realistic candidate.  Many majors have additional competitive requirements (called LEP Programs at UMCP).  Most other MD state schools prefer a 2.5 overall GPA or higher.  Call a school’s Admissions Office to ask about overall GPA expectations for transfer students.

This Just In from the Department of Redundancy Department:   COMPLETE APPLICATIONS BEFORE DEADLINES!  Wait until the printed transfer application deadline and you may be too late.  Many state schools (Towson, Salisbury) look at applications in the order they are received and admit qualified students until they run out of space.  

Questions?  Call the Admissions Office of schools that interest you to ask for more information, and be sure to write down the name of the person who gives you answers.


University of Maryland, College Park Transfer Information

Early Application Deadline:  March 1 - students should apply by this date for best consideration. Admission decisions will be released approximately four to six weeks after a complete application is received, beginning in mid-March. Due to space limitations, early application is strongly encouraged.  Also, March 1: deadline for all U.S. citizens & permanent residents with any non-U.S. academic records.
Regular Application Deadline:  June 1: Applicants who complete their application by this date will have decisions released 4-6 weeks after all materials have been received. Complete applications received after June 1st will be reviewed on a space available basis.

International Transfer Students: non-immigrants currently holding or intending to seek a F-1 or J-1 visa must follow the international deadlines which are earlier than regular deadlines.

Transcripts:  MC transcripts are sent electronically to UMCP electronically.  DO NOT request paper copies of transcripts for UMCP.  Electronic transcript loads quickly into your file and assure a faster processing of your application.

Preferred Overall GPA for Admission:  Students with an overall GPA of 3.0 are given priority admission consideration.  Students with less than a 3.0 GPA who have completed an AA degree or 56 credits toward an AA degree are admitted on a space available basis.

MTAP - The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program.  This program offers students guaranteed admission if requirements are met (30 credits minimum completed in specific categories; overall GPA of 3.0, etc.).  Benefits include the ability to take a course at UM at a reduced price while enrolled at MC.  MTAP does not guarantee admission to Limited Enrollment Programs described below.  MTAP website: 

Pre-Transfer Advising - take advantage of this service to assure your smooth transfer to UMCP 

Housing:  dormitory and university-owned housing is generally not offered to transfer students. Office of Resident Life: You may apply for campus housing, but also pursue off-campus information Off-Campus Housing Services

MC Equivalency Chart for UMCP CORE General Education Requirements: 

Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP's)
have additional specific Gateway Course Requirements as well as GPA requirements.  These majors at UMCP are Limited Enrollment Programs:  Architecture ; Business ; Chemical and Life Sciences (Fall 2010 and after); Communication ; Criminology and Criminal Justice ; Engineering ; Government and Politics ; Journalism ; Landscape Architecture ; Psychology

Some general notes on LEP's at UMCP:

1.       Only one “gateway” or performance review course may be repeated to earn the required grade and that course may only be repeated once. Repeats include withdrawals from courses noted by a W on the transcript.  A student who has repeated two gateway courses will be denied admission.  Any student denied admission to the major may appeal directly to the Assistant Dean of the College (MC adviser’s note:  very few students are granted admission by an appeal, typically only those with a stellar overall GPA and an unusual circumstance to explain why more than one gateway was repeated.)

2.     Students may apply only once to an LEP.  In most LEP programs, there is only one time frame to apply, during the semester when the 60th credit is earned for transfer students.

3.        Students who apply to UM are first admitted to the University, then to LEP Programs.  The LEP reviews do not require a second application; note that most decisions on LEP majors are made after the current semester is over when final grades are available (for example, Business admits are made in early June after Spring grades are received).

ROBERT H. SMITH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS NOTES:  Students at MC are advised to follow this Smith School Course Guide

TOWSON UNIVERSITY Transfer Advising Notes

  • Fall 2010 Application Deadline:  February 15.  Towson gives priority to students who have an AA or 56 credits with a 2.0 or higher, but admits are based on space availability.   Last year, qualified MC students who applied after the Feb. 15 deadline were given a deferred transfer admission for Spring 2010 because of the huge volume of transfer applications for Fall.  
  • List of Majors 
  • Competitive Majors List for Towson University - These majors, including Business, Education, Mass Communications, Music, Theatre and Nursing among others, have additional course requirements and overall grade point average requirements.  See competitive major requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Housing for transfer students is limited.  Explore off campus options in addition to applying for on-campus housing.

UMBC Transfer Advising Notes

1)  Note that UMBC requires demonstration of proficiency in another language for all majors.  Demonstrate by high school completion of a language to Level 4, graduation from a high school where instruction was in another language, or completion of a college-level language course to the Intermediate (201) level.   
2)  MC's EN 101 fulfills one of the three Arts and Humanities course required.

Must I Complete an Associate of Arts Degree to Transfer?

It’s not always necessary to complete an AA before you go, but a degree can be helpful if:

·         Your overall GPA at MC is less than a 2.5 – Some Maryland public schools accept students who have completed either an AA or 56 credits if their overall GPA is a 2.0 or higher.  See the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s Guide to Transfer or ask a counselor.  Of course, your chances of surviving at the next school are better with a higher GPA, so aim high.  Here is the Maryland State Transfer Policy:

·         You started at another college where your overall GPA was below a 2.5 GPA - finishing an AA degree at MC will improve your chance of admission to a Maryland public school.  

·         Your native language is not English UMCP requests that students whose native language is not English either submit TOEFL scores or complete an AA degree to demonstrate their proficiency of English.

·         You want to transfer with junior status – you can transfer 60 credits to most schools.  Seek MC advisement to choose transferable courses.  Presenting a completed AA degree does NOT mean that all courses taken will transfer to a four-year school.   

·         You want to be considered for transfer scholarships.  Most transfer scholarships require an AA degree or at least 56 credits completed.  See the MC Scholarship Page for possibilities:

·         How close are you to an AA?  Use the "Degree Evaluation" link in MyMC, left column to run a degree audit to see what classes you need to finish a degree.  Or, use a Degree Audit Worksheet  to calculate where you stand.  Applications for Spring 2010 Graduation are due by March 1 at the latest: 

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