Total Credits: 18
Catalog Edition 12-13
Name: Date: ID#
Choose 15 credits from the list below including a social sciences course and a humanities course:  
EN208, HE204, HS110, HS112, MG120, PE173,
PE178, PL207, PL208, PY207,SO104,
SO108, SO201, SO204, SO208
  Note: Overall GPA of 2.0 is required
      Total Credits:  

The Women’s Studies Certificate provides a solid foundation of coursework in the discipline. It provides students with the opportunity to specialize in Women’s Studies in preparation for further work at a four-year institution, or for professional, personal and academic opportunities. Students in the Certificate program must complete a minimum of 18 credits in Women’s Studies-designated courses: WS 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 credits), and 15 additional credits, including a Social Sciences course, a Humanities course, and a general elective.

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This document is for planning purposes ONLY and completion does not guarantee graduation.
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Last modified: July 2012
This certificate is a Career Program and may not readily transfer to four-year institutions
(except in special cases). Visit the transfer planning website for transfer information.
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