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Catalog Editions: 99-00 through 06-07
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Curriculum: GENERAL STUDIES A.A. Total Credits: 60
General Education Foundations and Distributions Course Hrs Grade N = Need   General Electives Course Hrs Grade N = Need   Unapplied Courses Unapplied Credits
EN 101   3       (24 Credits)              
EN Foundation   3                      
HE Foundation   1                      
MA Foundation   3                      
SP Foundation   3                      
Arts Distribution   3                      
AR/HU Distribution   3                      
Beh/Soc. Sci Distribution*   3                    
Beh/Soc. Sci Distribution*   3                      
Humanities Distribution   3                      
Lab Science Distribution   4                      
Lab/Non-Lab Science Distribution   3                      
Health or PE Elective   1                      
* Two different disciplines
Only two credits of physical education courses numbered 101199 may be used as electives.
Multicultural Course:  
Submit an Application for Graduation either the semester before or during the semester that you fulfill all requirements.