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Accuplacer Reading Placement
RD095 - RD099 - RD 120 Flowchart

Last reviewed: March 2008

Reading Placement

Score = 79 - 120 or
ACT 24+ or SAT-V or Critical Reading = 550+
RD120 (Optional)
Score = 66 - 78 RD099
Score = 53 - 65 RD095
Score = 35 - 52 Pathways -Continuing Education Placement
Score of below 35 Workplace Skills - Continuing Education Placement

Sequence if beginning from RD 095 or RD 099

Beginning Reading Course Final Grade Follow up Course
RD095 A RD099
The usual sequence of courses is RD095 and RD099. Under exceptional circumstances, and with permission of the Reading Department, some students may be eligible to take credit-level RD120, rather than RD099, to enable them to enroll in EN101/A. Check with the reading discipline coordinator on your campus for specific details.
RD095 B or C RD099
RD095 F RD095
RD099 A, B, or C RD120 (optional)
RD099 F RD099

Math Interpretation

English Interpretation

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Last Updated: March 21, 2008