Creating a Table for your Bookmarks
Advanced Module

So now you have a web page with a long list of your favorite web sites.  Scrolling isn't very efficient.  This module will show you how to develop a table at the top of the page to use as a directory.  This will allow you to view your categories and go directly to the group of bookmarks in that category.  Your final product should look like the Resources in Course Documents.  I have been collecting and organizing bookmarks for years.  Start small.  For starters I would recommend that you develop three categories with at least one resource in each category. 

Step 1 WITHOUT opening Word or any other word processing package, open the document you created in the Intermediate Module.  This will open the document in a browser.  Might look something like this:

Step 2 Select the text and copy the text (list of bookmarks). One way to copy the text from a browser is to highlight the text by putting the cursor at the top left corner of the page, depressing the mouse and dragging the cursor so all text is selected.  Release the mouse button.  Select the ctrl key and then the "c."

Step 3 Open a new Word document and paste the list of bookmarks onto the page. One way to paste is to select the ctrl key and then the "v."  Your list of bookmarks should appear on a Word Document.

Step 4 With your cursor in the upper left corner your bookmark word processing document, create a title to this document.  Center the title. It might look something like this.

Step 5 Place your cursor above your list of bookmarks and below the title.

Step 6 Select Table→Insert→Table (Decide the number of columns and rows - this can be revised later)→Select OK.  Here is an example.

Step 7 When working with tables I find it handy to have the Table Toolbar visible.  Select View→Select Toolbars→Select Tables.  Drag and drop the Table Toolbar to the menu area of your browser.

Step 8 Both the title and table should be centered.  If not, to Center the table, put your cursor inside the table. Select Table→Click Select→Select Table→Select the Center Align button.

Note: These instructions were developed with Word 2000 and upgrades downloaded from  If these directions don't work with your system, it may be that you have a different version of Word or a different set of upgrades.  In that case, use the directions in your Help menu for creating Bookmarks on a webpage.

Step 9 Put your cursor in the upper left cell of your table.  Select Insert Hyperlink button from menu bar (icon=blue globe with link)→Select Bookmark button on right of this window which brings up a "select place in document" window.  Your screen should look like this:

Step 10 You should see a folder named Bookmarks with a +.  Click on the + which will open a list of Bookmarks or locations on your document.  In this step you are creating a table of contents that will send people from the table at the top directly to the category of Favorites further down on the page.  This provides efficient access to each category of Favorites and a view of all the categories from the top of the page.

Step 11 Select the name of the Bookmark you want in the upper left cell of your table→Select ok to close an Existing Place in the Document window →Select ok again to close the Insert Hyperlink window.  The result should be an underlined name of the category in your document where you want to go to find websites that you have included in this category.

Step 12 Repeat Steps 9-11 to create links to each category of bookmarks.  Here is an example (I changed the title):

Step 13 You might create a link at the bottom of the page, or perhaps throughout the page to take you back to the top of the page.  Avoid scrolling at all costs - it's all about time.  To create a link from the bottom to the top of the page, type the word "top" at chosen location→Select the word "Top" that you just typed→Select the Insert Hyperlink button from the Menu Bar→Select Bookmark→Select "Top of the Document"→Select ok to close Select Place in Document window→Select ok to close Insert Hyperlink window.

Step 14 Add as many return to Top buttons as you think you need in your document.  Short cut = you can select the Top button you created, copy it and paste it into the document as many times as you wish without recreating the hyperlink.  This is real magic:-).

The result will look something like this:

Step 15 Remember to save this document.  In fact save it repeatedly throughout the process. 

Step 16 Post your finished product to the Discussion Board.  You will have to attach this file to your message in order to save the formatting. We will be clicking on the link at the top of your message to view your work.

Congratulations.  You have completed the Advanced Module.  Hopefully, this will help you find and organize  websites.  This assignment is somewhat complex. Ask any questions you have on the course website so everyone will benefit from the answers.  Submit your table of resources to the appropriate area of the Discussion Board.  In order to preserve your table format, you will want to submit this as an attachment to your reply message for the Bookmark Assignment.