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Technical Miscellaneous

Internet Traffic Report
Phonebook - Server Lookup
UIS Browser Test
Personal Information Management
MailStart - Your Email Anytime, Anywhere
Modem Speed Test
Software Comparisons
DSL comparison
Web Characterization Project
Electronic Whiteboard
Windows Software Tracker
Bandwidth Speed Test Results
Web Developer's Journal - Tips on Web Page Design, HTML, Graphics, Internet Business, E-commerc
Test load speed
Tutorials and Tips
Pop-Up DHTML Navigational System
Web Tools
Locate local computers
The Campus Computing Project
Choosing a Digital Camera
Find Great Email Signature Files!
Keyboard Shortcut Search
Download Calculator
1Ixquick Metasearch
Cultivate Interactive Issue 5 A Content Management and Web Publishing Systems Gazetteer
1st Page 2000 Support Forum
Welcome to TRC's Home Page
Evrsoft - Cool Software for Web Builders

Streaming Media

Overview to Streaming Media
How Streaming Media works
How To Make A Streaming Audio File
Why is serving audio and video so difficult


Learning Frontpage 2000
Microsoft Workshop
Cutting Edge FrontPage 2000 Web Hosting, Designing And Submission Services
Development Tutorial
Outfront News
Webmaster Resources(tm)
FrontPage World


HTML Tutorials
HTML Primer
HTML 101
Image Map Tutorials
Learn HTML in 7 Easy Steps An HTML Tutorial
HTML Cheatsheet
NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners [ Dave's HTML Guide ]
Beginning HTML at Earth Web


Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
DHTML code library!
Java Conference
JSP Tutorial
Dynamic Drive- Mouse Trail effects
Java Programmer's SourceBook
Java Boutique
The Java Boutique NavBar Deluxe - NavBar Deluxe is the successor to NavBar. Multiple level sub menus have been added to cater


Clip Art Treasures
Webular Wasteland
Art Web Sites
BLUE CAT DESIGN - Cool Multimedia & Web Design
Clip Art Searcher
A few scanning tips
ICONSMain Menu
Mail Icons
Realm Graphics-good
1The Graphic Hut

Image and Sound

Center for the Application of Information Technologies
Groove Networks
How To Make A Streaming Audio File
Audio for the Masses
Streaming Multimedia, University of Wisconsin -- Madision
Job Search Videos-samples
Cultivate Interactive Issue 5 An Introductory Guide to Audio and Video Encoding

Tech Courses & Tutorials

Various Tutorials
Chasm's Tutorials
Technical Exams Online
Microsoft Online Tutorials
Webmonkey Multimedia Tutorial
The Best Free Desktop & Office Tutorials on the Web

Design Ideas

Cascading Style Sheets
Pop Up Windows
Cool Homepages
Web Color Palette
Color Scheme Generator
1Computer & Net Help ~ AssistNet ~
That Darned Content Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

Distance Education

Assessment & Evaluation

Evaluation Tools
Accreditation Guidelines
All about Learning Technology Standards
Glossary of Measurement Terms
Alternative Assessment and Technology. ERIC Digest.,
Asking The Right Question
American Evaluation Association
ADEC Courseware Tools
Assessment Takes Center Stage in OL
Mallard Overview
Ten Keys to Quality Assurance and Assessment in Online Learning
Learning Styles and Web-based Learning
Assessment & Program Evaluation Report
Clearinghouse of Assessment Instruments ACPA
Evaluating Distance Education Programs
Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet
Pre-packaged computer-based skill assessment
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation, Home Page
Using Assessment to Improve Student Learning
MVCR Assessment Course
Washington State University
Research Resouces on Tests & Surveys
Question Mark
Student Peer Assessment
The Case for Authentic Assessment. ERIC Digest., Wiggins, Grant
Illinois Online Network ION Resources Evaluation of Online Courses
Computer Assisted Assessment
Assessment in Collaborative Learning_ A handbook of Strategies
Illinois Online Network ION Resources Student Assessment
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment
Online Learning Record!
Online quizzes
Quia - Matching - Famous People and their Majors
Testing Online
Web Based Testing Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders

College Distance Learning Pages

Brevard Community College
U Bloomington
Miami Dade
Virginia Tech
Penn State's World Campus
Athabasca University

Communicating Online

Undernet-Real Time Chat Network
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
8 Ways to Engage Students in Online Discussion
Alfred Bork
Gender in Cyberspace
Computer-Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom in Distance Learning
The Moderator's HomePage
Encouraging Students to Use Technology
Virtual Community Bookstore Books about Online Community, Virtual Teams, and Cyberculture
Poor Richard's Building Online Communities
Electronic Communication
Talkway Communications
Career Development Forum
Human Click
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
Encouraging Collaboration
Keeping Online Asynchronous Discussions on Topic
Topica (Formerly Liszt)
Gender and Pseudonyms
ION Conferencing Strategies
Online Communication Tools, Pedagogical Roles
How Interactive are your Distance Courses
Creating Community Online

Conferencing Tools

Web Crossing
Choosing Web Conferencing Software
The Future of Web Conferencing
World Crossing
Reviews of Web Conferencing Software
Conferencing Software for the Web (Discussion Forum, Groupware, and BBS - Bulletin Board Software
Collaboration Tools
Presentation Features of Text-based Conferencing Systems on the WWW


Legal Issues of Internet Use
Copyright on the Internet
Principles For Licensing Electronic Resources
Intellectual Property_ Copyrights, Trademarks & Patents_ (tm)
Copyright Resources Online
Lawyer's Perspective
Licensing Electronic Resources
UIUC_ The General Rules Intellectual Property
Comprehensive Copyright Policy UT
Harvard Law Professor
U.S. Copyright Office, Distance Education Study
Acceptable Use Policy
Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
Linking and Liability (BitLaw)
Uof Vermont's Intellectual Property Policy
Copyright Issues Related to Distance Learning and Multimedia Development
Fair Use for Distance Learning UT
ADEC list of University Intellectual Property Policies
Copyright and Multimedia Law for Webbuilders and Multimedia Authors
Who Owns Online Courses.....
The Year in Technology Law
Federal Register Exemption to Prohibition...Final Rule
UT Crash Course in Copyright
Lawrence University Policy
ScreenSite Copyright, Fair Use and Other Legal Matters
Intellectual Property Policies for Distance Learning
Intellectual Property Law Primer
Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Distance Learning
Copyright and digital images - a Guide
The University of Vermont
AACC Copyright and Distance Learning
1AAUP Views on Distance Education & Intellectual Property Issues
Copyright Issues in Online Education (crsu011) - WebCT 3.1.3

Course Management Systems

Learning Portals
Virginia Tech CourseInfo Support
Webct_blackboard Comparison
Evaluations of Course Management Systems
Comparative Analysis of Online Educational Delivery Applications
Welcome to Blackboard
Choosing Web Conferencing Software
TLT Web Cast
Learning Management Systems
ADEC Courseware Tools
Product Ratings Compare Blackboard-WebCT

Cyber Addiction

Center for Online Addiction
Online Addiction
Internet Addiction Among College Students

Evaluating Sites

What a Site!
Evaluating Internet Sites
Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
What Makes a Great Web Site -
Evaluating Internet Research Sources
Evaluating Web Resources


Caucus Systems - online collaboration for virtual teams, collaborative commerce, virtual communities, and web conferences.
CoWorking Initiative
Facilitating Online Learning
The Co-Intelligence Institute promotes collaboration
CoWorking News
Full Circle Associates Online Community Resources
LearnScope Cover
LearnScope 3P web-based gameRound 1 Input from You
Durlacher Creating Community Online
Welcome to NAIMA productions
Twelve Principles
Coach U! We Train The Best Personal and Professional Coaches in the World


Being Fluent with Information Technology
Reports Online Ed
Universities in Transition_ UIUC Report
Welcome to CyberTeacher-final report
Web-based Education Commission Report
Knowledge Management
AFT Higher Education  Technology Index Page
Safeguarding Australia’s web resources guidelines for creators and publishers
A Framework for Web-Based Learning (E-Learning)
Innovations in Distance Education_Penn State
Educause Online Guide to Evaluating IT
1Salary Survey - College & University Web Developers

Associations and Consortiums

The TLT Group
Western Interstate Commissions for Higher Ed (WICHE)
United States Distance Learning Association
American Center for Study of DE
NACE Press Room
National Education Association - NEA - Focus On Technology
Flashlight Program
International Society for Technology in Education
New Media Centers
Online Internet Institute
The Distance and Education Training Council
The Global Learning Network
Instructional Telecommunications Council
National Center for Educational Statistics
Center for Academic Transformation
College and University Media Centers
IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.
Web-based Education Commission-center
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
League for Innovation in Community College


Definition of DE
Distance Education Defining the Terms that Characterize the Field
Encyclopedia of Educational Technology-wow!

Online Journals/Newsletters 

Student Affairs On-Line
The Technology Source
T.H.E. Journal Online
Inside Technology Training
Syllabus Press
List of Electronic Journals for Educators
Tech Review
The Mentor An Academic Advising Journal
Educational Technology & Society
Web CT Newsletter
College Prep 101 Newsletter
Netsurfer Digest
Internet Scout Project
ZDNet Inter@ctive Week
Chronicle Colloquy
Welcome to WebTrends Corporation, WebTrends Corporation
Technology Tools for Today's Campuses
the NODE learning technologies network
Liberal Studies Online
Journal of Technology Education
The Online Chronicle of Distance Education and Communication
The Internet and Higher Education
League Connections
First Monday
The Journal of Online Behavior
United States Distance Learning Association
Center for Educational Technologies_UIUC
Journal of Distance Learning Administration
Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal
NASPA's Net Results
The Virtual University Gazette free distance learning newsletter (April, 2001)
eLearn Magazine
ALN Magazine
OED Newsletter
American Council on Education
American Journal of Distance Ed
The College Board - College Counseling Connections Spring 2000 vol 2 issue 1

Resource Links

Books to
Schroeder's Listing OnLine Education Notebook
PEW Funded Projects
Web Based Learning resources library
FNO Subject Index
EDUCAUSE Information Resources Library Items - Planning, Strategic
Education Resources For Teachers, Administrators,
The Chronicle-Distance Ed Sites
Education Resources-League
Blue Web'n Education Links
Social Science Information Gateway
Atwood Publishing - New Books
Knowledge Transfer Center
Technology Enhanced Learning Instructional Technology Resources Page
Instruction Delivery Systems
Distance Learning Resources
You Can Teach Online
Technology Resources in Education
Distance Education Clearinghouse
The Digital Divide Network Knowledge to help everyone succeed in the digital age
The World Wide Web Virtual Library Distance Education
About.College Grad Jobs
Online Faculty Handbook-Parkland
Classroom Resources Patrick Crispen
1Distance Learning through Telematics

Virtual Campuses

Oregon Network for Education College and University Distance Education Courses, Programs, and S
Welcome to UMassOnline
The Virtual University Gazette A publication (February, 2001)
Kentucky Virtual University
1List of Statewide-Regional Virtual Networks

Conferences & Prof Development

17th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning
Syllabus Conference Summer2001
MERLOT International Conference 2001 Tampa
HorizonLive signon Desktop Lecture Series
Institute for Managing and Developing E-learning WICHE
Madison Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning
Barrier-free E-learning Systems
Teaching in the CC Online Conference
Temple University - Intellectual Property Virtual Conference, Spring 2001
TLT Webcast Schedule
Student Services at Tufts University

For Profit

1American InterContinental University Online - Bachelor and Master Degrees in Information Technology in an online university environment
1Career Education Corporation


Teaching Styles

ID & Teaching Styles
Teaching Styles & Instructional Uses of the World Wide Web
Course Examples of Teaching Styles
Teaching Routines on the Internet

T&L Theory & Practice

Star Schools k-12
Theory into Practice
Generative Learning
T&L with Internet Technology
Learning Theory


Distance Learning Guidelines
CyberTeacher Report
On the Necessity for Grassroots Evaluation of Educational Technology - Recommendations for High
NEA Confronting the Future of Distance Learning - Placing Quality In Reach


ION Resources
Virginia Tech
Guide to Developing Online Student Services
Distance Learning Instructor Handbook
101 Things for the First 3 Weeks
Indiana Faculty Handbook
RIDE (Resources In Distance Education)

Online Course Development

On-line faculty Training course
Guide for Educators k-12
ION Resources Web Design
Distance Education Course Design
The Internet for Teachers
Step-by-step guide to online course development
Online Instruction
Tools, Templates, & Training
Taking an Old Course in New Directions
Designing & Builidng Effective Courses
UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
The Moderator's HomePage
Preparing to Teach
Using Technology In Education
Web Based Learning resources library
WellSpring Resources
101 Things for the First 3 Weeks
Online Syllabus
University of Maryland
Resources for Online Educators

Faculty Incentives

Incentives and Obstacles Influencing Higher Education
AFT Proposes Standards for Online Colleges and Universities

Training Faculty Articles

Barriers to DE as Perceived by Managers and Administrators
Faculty-Staff Development Program Checklist
Getting Learners to Like On-Line Learning
Putting Vision into Institutional Practice
@ONE Instructional Technology Survey
Faculty, Instruction, and Information Technology
Practicing the Good Practice in Faculty Development
Instructional Technology
Institutional Highlights - Factors Influencing Faculty Participation in Distance Education
Piloting the Psychosocial Model of Faculty Development
Iris' links How Technology Impacts Teaching and Learning
Virtual Companion
Developing on-line learning materials for higher education
Welcome to Faculty Orientation
Teaching and Learning Online Tools, Templates, and Training
ISU-IT Report on Faculty, Staff, and Student Development Needs
Past Faculty and Staff Development Articles
One Size Doesn't Fit All Designing Scaleable, Client-Centered Support for Technology in Teaching
The Catalyst Project UWired Uof Wash
Teaming Up to Develop a Faculty Institute on Teaching, Learning and Technology
Faculty Development for Online Instruction
E-CLASS Creating a Guide to Online Course Development For Distance Learning Faculty
Compensation Models in Distance Education
Faculty Education, Assistance and Support Needed to Deliver Education via Distance
1Classroom Assessment Techniques in Asynchronous Learning Networks

Faculty Development

WebBased Learning Resources Library
Indiana Publications
MERLOT Home Page Instructor Community
Seven Principles of Effective Teaching - A Practical Lens for Evaluating Online Courses
TeleCampus Online Course Directory
Instructor Competencies
You Can Teach Online
Course Management
Making Web Instruction Dynamic
Technology Enhanced Learning Instructional Technology Resources Page
Teaching and Learning Styles that Facilitate Online Learning Styles
new10 Best Practices
Welcome to The Distributed Learning Workshop

Instructional Design

Events of Instruction
Organizing Content
Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents
David Merril Articles
ION Resources Instructional Design
Technology Enhanced Learning Instructional Technology Resources Page
The Teachers' Internet Use Guide
Multiple Instructional Strategies
Organizing Your Content
Integrating Instructional Design
Instructional Technology Research Online

Model Courses

Fundamentals of Chemistry
Web Examples -Many
Marketing Course
Multicultural Education
Cardiothoracic Imaging
Microsoft Faculty Center
Many online courses
Multimedia Tools
UIS Communication
Sculpture & Computer Art
Intro to Evolution
Psy Course
Algorithms and Computing
NYU Press
Middle East Politics Simulation
an@tomedia A New Approach TO Medical Education Developments In Anatomy
Medieval Women Interactive Exploration Mainpage
Ballistic Pendulum Movie

Faculty Development Sites

Virginia Tech
Honolulu CC
Concordia University
Syracuse University
Illinois Valley CC
Santa Rosa CC
Lansing Community College
San Diego State
Cal Poly
Maricopa Center
Walden University
University of Oregon
Eastern New Mexico
Penn State
Pacific Lutheran
@ONE - Faculty Development Center
List of Faculty Development Centers
Faculty Development 101
Oregon State University
University of Maryland
Welcome to VOICe! Tuesday, May 1, 2001
Dr. Jay's Home Page
Illinois Online Network
Florida Gulf Coast University
Indiana University

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking for College-University Educators

Learning Styles

How do adults learn
Learning Styles
Learning StylesMultiple Intell Sites
Learning Styles, etc.
Barsch Inventory
1Learning Technology newsletter, Vol. 3 Issue 3, July 2001


Effective Practices Article
Educational Uses of IT
Connecting Resources
Guiding Principles for Faculty in Distance Learning
Staffing A Distance Learning Team
Barriers to Online Teaching
Best Practices in College Teaching
Cognitive Styles and DE
Concerns of Instructors Delivering DE
Critical Thinking in an Online World
Faculty_Staff Development Program Checklist
Help Line_ The Ultimate Distance Support
JALN Articles
Managing a Web-based Lit Course
Moving from Pedagogy to Andragogy
NEA Higher Education_ Online Teaching and Learning Resources
Online Course Pedagogy
Online Strategies
Out of the Ivory Tower into Chat Rooms
Pedagogical Roles Online Communication Tools
Professional Development_ Learning From the Best
Report on Effective Practices
Resources for PBS Teacherline
Six Ways to Discourage Learning
Some thought about Web Quests
Students' Distress Web Based Courses
Telecommunications In the Classroom
The Campus Computing Project
The Role of Online Instructors
The Role of the Web in Curricular Reform
The Web as Forum
Thinking About the Internet Pedagogically
TIP Theories
Virtual Seminar Courses
Web-Based Courses

Horizons FD articles

Developing Courses for Online Delivery One Strategy
Faculty Initiative in Expanding Classroom Web Usage
Practicing the Good Practice in Faculty Development
Luring Faculty to Technology's Field of Dreams
Professional Development Going Online
Piloting the Psychosocial Model of Faculty Development
Making Change Happen Planning for Success
Postgraduate Courses on the WWW Teaching the Teachers and Educating the Professors
Developing a Successful Information Technology Competency Strategy for Faculty and Staff
Icing, Marzipan, and Currants
A Psychosocial Systems Approach to Faculty Development Programs
Moving Toward a More Inclusive Reward Structure
Teaching Centers, Instructional Technology, and Course Development
Faculty, Instruction, and Information Technology

1Stop Internet Plagiarism Now!
Student Plagiarism in an Online World
Anti-Plagiarism Strategies
Kimbel Library--Cheating 101 Internet Paper Mills - The Instructors Guide To Internet Plagiarism
Plagiarism in Colleges in USA
Plagiarism Screening Software
WordCHECK KeyWORD Software
IntegriGuard Software
Stop Internet Plagiarism Software
1Glatt Plagiarism Program
1Digital Integrity Search

Discipline Based Resources

MERLOT Home Page
Technology Tools for Today's Campuses
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
World Lecture Hall
The Global Campus
MIT to make nearly all course materials available free on the World Wide Web
The New York Times - College Times
WebElements periodic table of the elements home page

Online Learning Support


Emoticons and Acronyms
A Beginners Guide to Effective Email
Builidng Online Communication

Orientation to Online Learning

DE Orientation
Cyber Course(tm) -- Starting Page
Helping Distance Students Cope
The Student Survival Manual
Learner's Guide to the Open University
Internet 101 Home page
WCCC Online Courses Orientation
Welcome To Internet 101
Distance Learning Calculator
Online Learning Information Center
Getting Started Online Student Services
UMS Guide to Online Courses Frequently Asked Questions
NSOU student services Orientation
DE Orientations
1 World Campus 101!

Readiness & Characteristics

Survey Basic Skills Checklist
Are you ready to take an Online Class_
Characteristics of successful online students
Is ELI for you
ION Student Profile Resources
The World of the Online Student
Readiness Self Assessment
Are Distance-learning courses for Me
Is Distance Learning for You
Is Online Learning for Me

Technology Planning Articles

Three Models of DE
An Institutional Overview
A Guide to System Planning
UW-Superior IT Plan
Outpacing Obsolescence
What Ever Happened to IT
Michigan Virtual University
Scan, Plan and Implement Technology
Effective Leadership
User Empowered Process for IT Planning
Innovations in DE
The Future of Online Learning
Alternative Futures for Distance Learning
Strategic Planning of DE
Growth Management in DE
Asking the Really Tough Questions
Creating a Campus Culture
Distance Learning in the Millennium
Distributed Learning and Institutional Restructuring
Instructional Technology
Multimedia Services Strategic Planning
Rethinking Academic Management Practices
Systems Analysis and Design
Monroe Community College Technology Plan
An Overview of Online
UH Hilo Strategic Plan
Barriers to DE as Perceived by Managers and Administrators
Making Informed Decisions about Staffing and Training Roles and Competencies for Distance Education
Cycle of Failure
1A Blueprint for Using Online Learning
College Students !
Student Advantage - Your Advantage Everywhere
Power Tools for Teaching and Learning at an Urban-Access University
-ZDNet Special Report College Guide Features and Fun Rebuilding the House of Culture

Academic Advising


Liberation Technology
Final 508 standards issued
High Tech Center Training Unit
Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
Bobby 3.2 CAST
Universal Access to Santa Monica College Web Pages
Writing Accessible Web Pages
College and University Disability Resources
Universal Web Access
EASI Equal Access to Software and Information
The LD OnLine Home Page
1Usability Guidelines
1Internet Disability Resource Site
1SNOW Workshop Registration
1Managing Web Resources for Persistent Access
CURR Gen FW Article Arts Online Making Federal Web Sites Friendly to Disabled Users - Message
1SNOW - Web Accessibility Authoring Tools
1SNOW (Special Needs Opportunity Windows)Home Page
1EASI Equal Access to Software and Information


NACADA Technology in Advising Commission_ Academic Advising and Career Counseling
Virtual Student Union
Online Advising Examples
A Commonplace Book for Advisors
Advisor Handbook
Guidelines to Online Student Services
Frequently Asked Questions Related to Academic Advising
NACADA Draft Distance Learning Academic Advising Standards
Listing of American Universities
CAS Standards
The National Clearinghouse for Academic Advising
Welcome to ERIC-CASS
Welcome to Nacada
Ill 4yr Sch Links
Online Educational Planning
University of Minnesota TC_ GPA computer+
College and University Rankings - Education and Social Science Library - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vocabulary List of University Terminology
Counselor liability Welcome

College Search

Embark College Search and more
Web U.S. Higher Education Home Pages
Choosing a college links
ZDNet College Guide America's Most Wired Colleges 2000
The Princeton Review
2001 College Rankings_ USNews - Undergraduate
American Universities Home Pages
College Board Online - Searches
Colleg Express
Online College Catalogs
Preparing for College (RI)
CampusTours Virtual College Tours!
College and University Home Pages
EDUCAUSE Consumer Guide
MBA Programs at Business Graduate Schools
College Net
EDU Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc.

Higher Education
Education Resources
Higher education-related listservs
NACADA Technology in Advising Commission
American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)
American Counseling Association
League and Transfer Credit
NACADA Commission on Technology in Advising_ Home Page
The World Lecture Hall

Learning Communities

Learning Communities - Monograph
The MU FIGs Homepage

Personal Issues

Chicago Therapist Finder
Behavior On Line
Counseling Resources on the Internet
CDC National Prevention Information Network
A World of Prevention
American Psychological Society
Family Relations
Body-Mind QueenDom
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Psych Central Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page
PREVLINE Prevention Online
Mind Tools - Helping you to live an excellent life!
American Psychological Association
Personality Tests
The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection


Gay Friendly Workplaces
Queer Resources Directory
The Pink Practice
National Consortium of Directors of LGBT Resources in Higher Education
Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality

Multicultural Education

MOLIS Minority Online Information Service
Multicultural Paths
Dialogue on Diversity Journal
Multicultural Passport
Chicano_Latino Electronic Network
DiversityWeb - A Resource Hub for Higher Education
Multicultural Web Sites Diversity and Ethnic Studies Virtual Community
Multicultural Sites on the Internet
Resources in Race and Ethnic Studies
The Universal Black Pages
Multicultural Pavilion

Online Colleges, Courses, & Searches

Distance Learning Resource Network
AT&T Learning Network Virtual Academy
Distance Learning Course Finder
KY Commonwealth Virtual University
Sloan-C Catalog of On-Line Educational Programs
Capella University
Jones University
Athabasca University Centre for Distance Education VocTech Online listings
Regents College
Florida Virtual Campus
SUNY Learning Network
The Open University UK
Canadian Virtual University
Western Governors University
University of Wisconsin - Extension
Illinois Virtual Campus
Distance Education Guru
Cyber University
Cardean University
TheU Virtual University
Alliance Program - Miles Ahead, Not Miles Away - Franklin University Central
Globewide Network Academy
Franklin University Home Page
Distance Learning Exchange
NSOU degrees and certificates
Red Flags to Watch for When Choosing Distance Education Programs
Barnes & Noble University
University, Inc

International Students

Study Abroad World-Wide EXPRESS!
Edupass-The SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA
Council on International Educational Exchange
ISU International Studies

Online Graduate Programs

The Graduate School of America (TGSA) - Online Education
Online Programs at CSU Hayward
NRC Graduate Program Rankings
Instructional Media, Education Technology Distance Education Graduate Programs
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Florida Gulf Coast University Home Page
Graduate Degrees Distance Education & Learning from Walden
Lesley University Cambridge, Mass. USA and a Site Near You
Texas Wesleyan University
Capella University Online education built around you
University of Northern Iowa Home Page
UT TeleCampus Distance Education from The University of Texas System
Welcome to California State University, Fresno
Welcome to University of Houston
Jones Online Education Masters
Doctor of Education Program

Returning Adult Students

Credit for Prior Learning
Help For Students With Children
Prior Learning Assessment-CAEL
Back2College Resources for Re-entry Students

Student Retention

Collegeways Home Page
Course-Based Model of Transfer Success_ Welcome!
RetentionBibliography Collegeways
Issues in Retention

Student Services Portals

Welcome to Student Advantage
PBS Project ACCESS - FIPSE Grant
California's Education Website
Student.Com - Home
QuickStart Counselor
Access America for Students
1Great List of SS & DL Links

Student Support Pages (OL)

Open Online - Welcome
VT Online Services
Student Resource Center at
Slick Page U of Florida
webTeacher Tutorial
@ONE - Training Center
Terra Community College
Resources at CyberU
The DUS Navigator An Educational Planning Guide for First-Year Students
NC State's Advising Central
SUNY at Buffalo
PBS Project ACCESS - Pilot Institutions
University of Minnesota ONE STOP Student Services
Florida Gulf Coast
Virtual Advising Center Pima
ILTweb LiveText Resources
Weber State University - Academic Advisement Center
1Tunxis Online Education - Tunxis Community College

Orn 101-New Students

Online First Year Seminar Manual
Orientation Course Discussion
Parents Only Discussion
Tips for Freshman - From
Your College Success Center (Wadsworth)
Augusta State
1New Student Assessment

Stress Management

Managing Stress as a College Student
Time and Stress Management
Mind Tools - How to Master Stress
Stress & Anxiety Counseling Center, University at Buffalo

Financial Aid & Money Matters

Student Advantage
The Student Guide
Money Matters
Academic discounts and student pricing at
Fast WEB
ScienceWise MOLIS
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
US Dept of Ed. - Financial Aid Calculators

Selecting Colleges

MyRoad - Resource Library - Colleges & Universities - Finding the right college Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders

Applying to College - Getting into college - How many schools should you apply to - Tips for finding your college match
The College Board - College Counseling Connections Spring 2000 vol 2 issue 1 Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders

Financial Assistance - Paying for College
The College Board Calculator Tool
The College Board - College Counseling Connections Fall 1999 vol 1 issue 1
Financial Aid Article

Career Development

Rising Star Internships

Career Changers Career Changers
Job searching for career changers
IT Job Gap
Ten Worst Mistakes
Can You Change Your Career After 40 Midlife Career Changers

Career Portals

Career Perfect
Career Builder
Quintessential Careers Career Exploration Tools
Work -- Women's Wire
America's Job Bank
Mapping Your Future
CareerWeb Employment Search Readiness Inventory
WSJ Site Map
Hoover's Online
NationJob Network Job Hunting Online
Career Journal - WSJ

College Career Centers

Cal State, Chico
Regents College
Career Development Manual - U of Waterloo
Megalist of Career Center Homepages

College Majors

Career Choices (U of Manitoba)
Scholarly Society
Career Fields
Augusta State Major Decisions Guidebook
Indiana Majors and Careers
UC Berkeley
UNC Wilmington
Graduate School-Psychology
U of Delaware
The Argus Clearinghouse
The World Lecture Hall (Course outlines)
Health Careers In Illinois

Specific Majors and Careers

Social Work
Prehealth Majors
Social Psychology Network
Counseling Psychology Sites
Entertainment Jobs
Preparing for Graduate School in Psychology

Career Assessment

Birkman Quiz
Multiple Intelligence Inventory
BGSU Career Services Career Planning
The Career Interests Game
Emotional Intelligence Test
Transferable Skills Survey
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Personality Online
Goal Setting
Mind Tools - Goal Setting

Job Search


Job Star--Resumes & Cover Letters
Résumés, Cover Letters and More
Preparing Your Resume for the Internet and Posting it Online The Riley Guide
Resumania On-line
A Virtual Résumé Catalog

Cover Letters

Cover Letters
Letter of Recommendation

Forbes Site


Jobs General

Best Jobs USA
Career Web
Cool Works
Job Hunt
Job Track
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