Developing a Webpage to Find your Bookmarks
Intermediate Module



Here's what you'll find in this module.  You may proceed through the module sequentially or go directly to the topic that is of interest to you by selecting one of the links below.

For Netscape
   Creating A Backup File
   Viewing Your Backup File
Creating A Shortcut

For Internet Explorer
   Creating an IE Backup File


The goal of this module is to learn how to export a copy of your list of bookmarks from either Netscape or Internet Explorer into a Word or Frontpage document.  Your list of bookmarks is a HTML file.  That makes it ready to be displayed and used on the Internet.  It is as important to backup this file as it is to backup any other file that you value.  This process creates a backup copy of your bookmarks.

Lessons learned: I lost a couple hundred bookmarks when I upgraded from AOL 4.0 to 5.0 on my home computer.  AOL's response was sorry, but you should have backed up that file.  Oops!

To get started:

Decide whether you will follow the Netscape or IE directions.

For Netscape:

Creating a backup file from Netscape:

Select→Bookmarks→Edit Bookmarks→File→Save As

Make sure to remember where you placed this file.  You have created a backup of your bookmarks.

To view your backup file:

Go to the folder where you saved your bookmark document→double click on the file.

Congratulations, some of you have just created your first web page.  Clicking on each of these links will take you to one of your favorite Internet sites. You may edit this document in a variety of ways. Delete sections you don't want.  Rearrange folders.  The one thing you cannot do is select a single link.  That will take you directly to that site.  These links are live!

Creating a shortcut:

To make this file available on your desktop.

While viewing your bookmark file, single click on the file→go to File→Select Create Shortcut→Select the button between the maximize and minimize button in the top right hand corner of your screen→Scroll down to the bottom of your list of files where you should find a shortcut to bookmarks file→Drag and drop (keep left mouse button depressed until the icon reaches your desktop, release left mouse button).


For Internet Explorer

Creating a backup file from IE

Make sure you have selected the Favorites button so your list of Favorites is visible on the left margin.

Select File→Select Import and Export from the drop down menu→IE supplies a wizard to walk you through two options (you may save your files to another browser, default is Netscape, or to a file). 

Select Next

Select Export Favorites and then Next

Make sure the Favorites folder is highlighted and select Next

Pay attention to where your bookmarks file will be saved and select Next

Select finished and wait for a confirmation that the process was successful


To view your backup file

Same as for Netscape described above.

Creating a shortcut

Same as for Netscape described above.

Here is my current list of work related bookmarks.

As you can see from my list of bookmarks, I need to do some work to more clearly explain what the sites are all about.  It is a simple matter to change the name of  the sites when I am using Internet Explorer.

From your desktop, go to Favorites→Find the file name you want to edit→Click the right mouse button→Select rename→Put your cursor in the box and type away.

Now that the clean up is done, resave the bookmark file in the same place you saved the previous file.  Say yes to the overwrite prompt and you will always be able to find the most current version of your bookmarks.

Congratulations!  You have completed the Intermediate Module.   You are now ready to move on to the Advanced Module.  Ask any questions you have on the course website so everyone will benefit from the answers.