The Basics - Internet Explorer (IE)

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Here's what you'll find in this module. You may proceed through the module sequentially or go directly to the topic that is of interest to you by selecting one of the links below.

Creating New Bookmarks
Organizing Your Bookmarks
View Your Bookmarks
Move Bookmarks
Create New Folders
Remove Bookmarks
Organizing Previously Saved Bookmarks


If you use Internet Explorer, your desktop may look something like this:

This module will focus on one area of the Internet Explorer browser, the Favorites Button on the Menu Bar. IE allows you to hide Favorites or keep them visible on the left hand side of your browser.  The graphic above illustrates the option of always having your Bookmarks visible.  Choose this option to complete this module.  Selecting X to the right of the word Favorites hides the Bookmarks.

Creating New Bookmarks

You can bookmark your favorite web sites to make it easy to return to
them. The web site must be open in your browser window.

  • To bookmark the current page:

    Choose the Add Button below the word Favorites.  This will produce the following window:


You have several things to think about:

  1. Will the automatically saved name of this site be descriptive enough to help you find the site in the future?  If not, put the cursor in the box beside name and edit the name of the website or you can select the default name and type a new one.

  2. Where do you want to place the new bookmark?  Select the folder and sub folder, if necessary, then select ok.

  3. What if this new bookmark doesn't fit into any of the current categories? Select new folder, enter the name of the new folder, select ok (a new folder is created).  Select the new folder and select ok again and the new bookmark will be placed in the new folder.

  4. What if you don't have time to think about all this and you just want to add the new bookmark to the bottom of the list and worry about where to place it later?  Just select ok.  I also use this approach when I want to remember to spend some time looking at a site and don't want the new site to get lost in the masses of other sites.



Hold the left mouse button down to highlight and drag the bookmark or folder that you want to move, and release the button once the new location is highlighted.  As you drag over folders and subfolders, these areas will be opened for you.  Place the link under the folder where you want to place the bookmark.  It will be listed alphabetically within that folder.

Another option: You can select a folder and click the right mouse button to find an Explore option.  This opens your Favorites list in Windows Explorer.  I have found that I have more control over the reorganization process if I drag bookmarks into folders from this area.  Try both, see which works best for you.

For the next few functions select the Organize button.  It will reveal a screen that looks something like this:


Select the Create Folder Button



You may use the Move to Folder Button or the previously described methods of organizing previously saved bookmarks.


The Assignment:

Step 1 Go to Favorites

Step 2 Decide at least 5 categories that are important in your work.

Step 3 Create folders for each category from Organize→Create Folder→Rename→Close.

Step 4 Drag previously saved bookmarks into the appropriate folder.

Congratulations.  You have completed the Novice IE Module.  Hopefully, this will help you find websites when you need them. You are now ready to move on to the Intermediate Module.  Ask any questions you have on the course website so everyone will benefit from the answers.