The Basics - Netscape

Intermediate Advanced






Here's what you'll find in this module.  You may proceed through the module sequentially or go directly to the topic that is of interest to you by selecting one of the links below.

Creating New Bookmarks
Organizing Your Bookmarks
View Your Bookmarks
Move Bookmarks
Create New Folders
Remove Bookmarks
Organizing Previously Saved Bookmarks

If you use Netscape, your desktop may look something like this:


This module will focus on one area of the Netscape browser, the Bookmark short cut button which is visible whenever you are viewing a page within Netscape.  You can also access this information via Communicator on the Menu Bar.

Creating new bookmarks

You can bookmark your favorite web sites to make it easy to return to
them. The web site must be open in your browser window.

  • To bookmark the current page:

    Open the Bookmarks menu and choose Add Bookmark.  It's done.

    To see the bookmark you just created:

    Open the Bookmarks menu. A bookmark for the current page has been added to the list at the bottom.  If you want to place it into a particular folder, you will need to drag it.  More about that later.  Note: Internet Explorer and the latest version of Netscape let you place your bookmark in a folder at the same time you are saving it.



Then do any of the following tasks in the Edit Bookmarks window.


Hold the left mouse button down to highlight and drag the bookmark or folder that you want to move, and release the button once the new location is highlighted.  If you have sub folders within folders, you will need to open all before you begin the dragging process so you will know where to drop your bookmark.

To put a bookmark in a folder, drag it to the folder.


In the Edit Bookmarks Menu Bar, open the File menu and choose New Bookmark or New Folder or New Separator.



You can organize by creating folders and subfolders then dragging the saved Web pages to the appropriate category.  Use the information above to complete the assignment below.


The Assignment:

Step 1 Go to Edit Bookmarks

Step 2 Decide at least 5 categories that are important in your work.

Step 3 Create folders for each category from Bookmarks→Edit Bookmarks→File→New Folder.

Step 4 Drag previously saved bookmarks into the appropriate folder.

Congratulations.  You have completed the Novice Netscape Module.  Hopefully, this will help you find websites when you need them. You are now ready to move on to the Intermediate Module.  Ask any questions you have on the course website so everyone will benefit from the answers.