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All Articles made available from Darren Cambridge in ACPA eLearning Course, Using ePortfolios to Support and Assess Out of Classroom Learning

Integration through competencies
David Glick’s New Century College graduation portfolio
Context:New Century College graduation portfolio assignment

Integration Across Disciplines
Bret Werner’s integrative studies major portfolio
Context: St. Olaf College Center for Integrative Studies

Integration Across Roles
Tracy Wright’s portfolio
Context: eFolio Minnesota

Integration Across Cultures
Manju Poudel’s portfolio
Context: ePortfolio @ LaGuardia

From eLearnSpace, an excellent blog. This is a brief overview of eportfolios from the perspective of a Canadian elearning researcher.

Electronic Portfolios as Knowledge Builders
The introduction to Cambridge, B. (2001). Electronic Portfolios. Washington, DC: AAHE. This is still the best book out on electronic portfolios.

Integrity of Electronic Portfolios in the United States 
This is my own attempt to define electronic portfolios around a central feature, integration. I wrote this paper in part to help pursuade European colleagues that a portfolio is distinct from the venue in which it is composed, e.g. an eportfolio system.

Conflicting Paradigms in Electronic Portfolio Approaches
This article explore the tention between institutional and individual purposes for portfolios. Pay particular attention to the diagram. (I've replaced the Gibson and Barrett piece, which I had mistakenly placed here, with this one. I've moved Gibson and Barrett to Week 3.)

Postmodernism, Palimpest, and Portfolios
An article from CCC, the top journal in rhetoric and composition. Despite the title, this is actually quite readable. In this article, Yancey builds on her idea of "web sensible" portfolios.

Reflection in the Writing Classroom, Chapter 1
On Reflection 
This first chapter in Kathleen Yancey book surveys a range of theories of reflection and offers a four-part framework for thinking about reflective work.

Self-Assessment at Alverno, Introduction
This introduction gives an overview of the Alverno self-assessment framework, a model for many electronic portfolio programs. (This is not a very good scan. I'll try to get a better one before we get to this piece.)

Developing an E-Portfolio Program: Providing a Comprehensive Tool for Student Development, Reflection, and Integration
Developing an E-Portfolio Program 
A study of the implementation of electronic portfolios at Florida State University over an eight year period.

eFolio Minnesota for Lifelong and Lifewide Learning
This is the report I wrote for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities evaluating eFolio Minnesota. I'd like to offer it both as a source of ideas about portfolio use beyond the classroom and as one model for evaluation research on portfolio programs.

Electronic Portfolio Technology Options
A presentation I've given several places to good response on the range of technology options available for supporting portfolio composition and use. I propose four categories, generic, proprietary, open source, and homegrown, and outline the pros and cons of each.

JISC System Selection InfoKit
This is a fairly comprehensive resource that guides you through the process of selecting an enterprise system, such as a portfolio tool. Don't feel like you need to read everything here right now. I offer it mostly as a future resource. The other InfoKits are generally excellent as well, although the new one focused in ePortfolios has some blind spots.

Directions in Electronic Portfolio Development
This influential paper proposes the idea of ePortfolio tools as balanced assessment systems that serve both individual and institutional needs.

Electronic Learning Portfolios and Student Affairs
A brief piece in the NASPA newsletter in which Helen Chen and Cynthia Mazow outline applications of learning portfolios in student affairs and discuss their concepts of learning careers and folio thinking.

Powerful Partnerships
A joint report from AAHE, ACPA, and NASPA on academic affairs - student affairs partnerships. Barbara Cambridge spoke about this report in our chat with her.

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The "Sticky" ePortfolio System: Tackling Challenges & Identifying Attributes
Conflicting Paradigms in Electronic Portfolio Approaches

Directions in Electronic Portfolio Development
Notes on the past and future of Digital Portfolios and Student Learning
Electronic Portfolios: The Next Big Thing
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Online Career Portfolios: Reactions from Users and Employers

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