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Advising Online Students Rockville Counselors 10/4/07

Supporting Online Students (WCET 2/16/07)

Making a Difference: Re-envisioning Student Services for Today's World

Finding Creative ways to Increase Retention and Success

Developing and Maintaining Online Student Services: Orientation, Advising, and Career Counseling

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Creating an Online Connection: Best Practices from Student Unions and Virtual Counseling and Advising Centers

It Takes a Village: Practical Strategies for Improving Online Learning Retention Rates 2006

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Making a Difference: Student Services for Online Learners 2006

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Advising Online Students 2006

WCET Services for Online Students 2006

Advising & Technology Committee 2006
TCC It Takes A Villiage 2006
IOC 2006
FSI 2005
League for Innovation 2005
Harper 2003
CVC 2002
IVC 2002


Life Map - Valencia

Survey Of Online Student Services Programs (10/12/06)

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Questions and Answers
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Creating Successful Online Student Services Brochure

Landon Pirius Nov 3, 2005
Landon Pirius Nov 10, 2005
Landon Pirus Nov 17, 2005

Session 1 Notes
Session 2 Notes
Session 3 Notes

Landon's Answers to #1 Questions
Landon's Answers to #2 Questions
Landon's Answers to #3 Questions

MC attendee Survey Results

Online Student Services Planning Guides

The Assignment
Academic Support
Career Services
Online Information Session
Orientation to Online Learning


Illinois Online Network


Distance Advising (George Steele) Article from NACADA (Nov. 2005)
Student Support Services (Mega list)
Online Support Services (Mega List)

Facebook - A New Tool for Faculty-Student Interaction

Evaluation of an Online Student Induction and Support Package for Online Learners

The Mainstreaming of Online Life (2005)

Student Affair Focus (recently posted articles on top)

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WCET Best Practices in Online Student Services
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Advising Online Students Guidelines

Updates 11/30/06