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Using Internet Explorer

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Welcome to the Internet Explorer Module.

Internet Explorer is a program that helps you get around the World Wide Web (hereafter referred to as the Web).  Internet Explorer is a program, developed by Microsoft, called a browser.  There are other browsers, but these are the most common.

It is best to download the most current version of Internet Explorer (IE).  This module was developed using IE 6.0. Depending on your Internet connection and the speed of your modem, it could take quite a while for you to download this free program.  It is quite large.  An alternative is to have the CD sent to you for quicker download time.  At the time this tutorial was  developed, IE Service Pack 1 was the most current version. If you need to download the program, go to: and follow the instructions.

To find out what version you have:

How might the skills you learn in the Module help you become a more successful online learner?

Many online courses contain assignments that require you to search for information on the Web.  Learning how to get around more effectively is an important skill.  It's easy to get lost on the Web. Knowing where you've been and how to return to places with important information is an essential skill.  Being able to save and organize websites will help you find this information at a later time. 

On to the Internet Explorer Module:

This module will give you an opportunity to learn about and practice using those areas of the IE browser that are most useful for online learners.  It is untimed and self-paced, but you should be able to complete the module in about an hour.

Upon completing these five lessons, you will be able to:

In each section, you will read an online mini-lecture and be guided through a step-by-step hands on practice session. 

These skills are most important for becoming an effective and efficient online learner.  Once you have mastered these basic skills, you'll be one step closer to being comfortable in the online learning environment. 

A word about how this Module is organized:

There are links on the top of each page that allow you to go to any lesson.  It is recommended that you finish the lessons in order, but you are able to customize the module to meet your needs.

There are 5 lessons.  Each lessons contains several steps.  Each step is listed at the top of the page.  It is recommended that you progress through the lesson sequentially, but, again, you may jump to the sections that are of most interest to you.

Most steps include an opportunity for you to practice skills.  The practice activities are bolded and italicized.  All practice is done directly on your desktop.  In some cases you may want to make a copy of the lesson so you can have it beside you as you work through the activity.

Each lesson is similarly sequenced.  First you read and then you do an activity.

Enjoy learning!
Last Updated 1/12/06